Tried to move basic files from (C) drive to (D) drive and now they have merged!

  TomPayton 22:40 30 Jan 2015

How do I reverse this problem? I moved my downloads, documents, desktop and music before realizing that these files were merging instead of doing what I intended.By which I mean the desktop, documents, downloads and music files have now all been named D:\ and the contents of each file are now the same. Meaning my desktop for instance is cluttered with everything from my downloads file. I cannot delete them from my desktop as it says they will be permanently deleted nor can I move them into the original download file because it to consists of the same files! Is there a way I can restore them to the original state? I can't move them back using the same process which is frustrating.

I was following instructions as I wanted to move my basic files from my SSD to my Hard Drive. The process of which was searching "C:\Users\MyName" > Right click on a folder (i.e Downloads) > Click "Properties" > Click "Location" Tab > Click "Move" > Select your secondary hard-drive and so on for each document. But in doing so they have now become merged (all displaying the same files) How do I fix this?

Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  rdave13 08:47 31 Jan 2015

First thing to do is to make a back up of all your user folders contents on to an external drive preferably. Then if anything (will?) goes belly up you will still have your data. Have a read here , especially option two.

You should then be able to delete the folders on the D drive and start again.

My setup I don't use a redirect switch. I simply create folders on the D drive. Download2 for instance and use my browser to change the destination of downloads to Download2 on the D drive. If I've downloaded a music file I can then check the file is ok and copy and paste to my music2 folder on the D drive. Photos, etc. you can save the same way. If I've downloaded a program installation file, say, Ccleaner for instance, I'll create a ccleaner folder (D) and install to it. The shortcut on your desktop still works. It's all manual but easily done and takes no time. That leaves Windows in a default state with no redirecting switches so if I need to reinstall or upgrade Windows both drives are independent. That's my theory and it works for me.

Good luck.

  dont use one 11:29 02 Feb 2015

you should just have redirected click here

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