Transfering from xp to windows 7

  edenworkshops 09:22 23 Jan 2015


I have been using windows xp since it came out, but my PC power supply blew up and fried everything. A friend of mine has given me a compact pc with windows 7 installed on it. I have really got used to outlook express and I would like to know if the address book file is an independent executable file, I guess I want to know if I have it on windows 7 will it work ok and open.

The person who gave me the pc is French and his English wasn’t good (I live in France) I tried to ask him if windows 7 had an internal email client like xp has but all he could do was point to his online gmail account.

If it does, I have a piece of software called Genie Back Up Manager which I use to back up outlook express, Im’e thinking could I use this to install my emails and address book on windows 7.

So my main concern is transferring outlook express, all my emails etc and address book into windows 7.

Thank you for your help.

Kind Regards


  edenworkshops 09:41 23 Jan 2015

Also can someone tell me what the file extension is for the windows addresss book.

Thank you


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:05 23 Jan 2015

W7 has Windows Live Mail OE will not run in W7.

to transfer messages see here

  edenworkshops 14:12 23 Jan 2015

Hello Fruit Bat

Part of the instructions given in the link you posted refers to something that I am unsure of.

I quote:

"Note: – If Windows on your computer is installed on different Drive instead “C:” then find the “Outlook Express” folder in that drive. - YourUserName in the above mentioned path is logged in user name. – {identity number} in the above mentioned path will be different for every user."

I don't recall a user name or identity number, can you shed light on this please?

Also I still need to know if the windows address book file is an executable file, and when Iv'e found it will it run on windows 7, and lastly where is it located? I did a search for "address book" and all it came up with was a shortcut to the address book in start/programs/accesories, when I click this shortcut it is indeed the address book I use in outlook express, but where is the actual file kept??

Thank you


  edenworkshops 15:14 23 Jan 2015

Ok Fruit Bat I have solved the problem of trransfering outlook express to windows 7, thank you.

But nothing is mentioned asbout transfering the address book, so I am still in the dark about that.

Very much appreciate your help.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:47 23 Jan 2015

search on the xp machine for the address bokk which is a



Then follow the instructions here

  edenworkshops 10:13 24 Jan 2015

I have done a search for the .wab file and nothing shows up, also did a search for address book but only came up with a shortcut to the address book in accessories.

As the search was going on I noticed it said “not scanning hidden folders” could it be in a hidden folder?

What is the path to the address book file please.

Thank you


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:19 24 Jan 2015

You have to enable hidden files in your search

C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Address Book

  edenworkshops 14:46 24 Jan 2015

THank you for all your help Fruit Bat.

Kind Regards


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