Transfer from Windows Mail to Yahoo Mail

  Sam Gee 14:15 03 Oct 2008

Hi I have stopped using Windows Mail and I am now using Yahoo Mail does anyone know how to move all my folders from one to the other.Thanks in anticipation.
Sam Gee

  mgmcc 19:44 03 Oct 2008

"Windows Mail" is an email client - a *PROGRAM* in the PC to send mail via an ISP's SMTP server and to retrieve mail from an ISP's POP3 or IMAP server.

Yahoo Mail is an online *WEB-BASED* mail service accessed via your web browser, although there are options for using an email program to send/receive Yahoo mail.

I'm not aware though of a way to upload the contents of your Windows Mail folders to Yahoo's website.

  Sam Gee 14:09 04 Oct 2008

Hi,yes I see what you mean its just that all my program emails from the manufacturers with the passwords on are stored there and I would have liked to keep them together.ThanksRegards

  tullie 16:39 04 Oct 2008

my windows live mail is web mail.Or have i misunderstood what your saying.

  tullie 16:41 04 Oct 2008

Oops,just had a look i too have windows mail as well as windows live,just never used it.

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