Transfer cloned drive?

  kimtrnc 04:59 13 Dec 2009

Ok, bitten the bullet - bought new W7 machine (previously used XP). I am struggling with so many new ways of doing things(life was so much easier with a Vic 20!!) - expect a lot of questions. Main prob: getting stuff off old machine tand on to new, I cloned my old hard drive onto external hard drive.

Can I just copy this onto 7, and will this also enter relevant registry entries, please?

Or maybe I should just dual boot?

PS anyone yet brought out Idiot's Guide to Win 7?

  mgmcc 08:13 13 Dec 2009

You can copy your "documents" from the cloned copy of your XP drive, i.e. Word processor files, Spreadsheet files, Music, Pictures, Videos etc. What you cannot copy are 'programs'; these must be reinstalled from the original installation media - CD, DVD, downloaded installation file.

  T0SH 16:43 17 Dec 2009

There is a "files and settings transfer wizard" in XP which will help you to round up your data from the old PC and transfer it to the new PC using a home network or an external USB drive ETC ,remember to export your email address book and messages and your favourites links into a folder and include them also

cheers HC

  john bunyan 18:18 17 Dec 2009

Like you just switched from XP to W7 (I did run a dual boot XP /W7 for a couple of weeks.) What I would do is to partition new drive to, say 50 or so gig for system files (W7, programmes etc) and the balance of your drive as a data drive. In my case they are C: and F:. Then I just copied my old XP "My Documents" folder into the new F: drive. You can "tell" W7 Libraries where your stuff is - it wont import them , its just an index.Plus the stuff TOSH mentions. In my case swtiched e mail from Outlook Express to Outlook 2007 as OE not supported by W7.There is, in Smiths a mag " Handbook of Windows 7" - not sure if it is detailed enough though.

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