Tower sluggish after complete wipe

  smurf118 17:02 29 Jun 2014

Hello all.

In late November of 2013 I turned my computer on one morning, only to find it wouldn't go past the loading screen with the little moving bar which displays "XP" on it. I had previously had this issue (which my father had dealt with) however this time we used a different method of solving it: wiping the computer completely and re-installing everything. This was due to a large virus thing (not sure on the specifics) which was using my PC as part of a botnet (yay -.-)...

However... The computer now runs at about half of the performance it previously had. It has a 1.81 Ghz single core AMD processor, 1 GB of Ram and whatever the graphics card is.. And a fried sound card. I have updated drivers, asked my father (who has no clue) and am generally annoyed at the lack of.. well, life, coming from this damn PC e.g. when dragging a window, it seems to lag and stutter as the frame-rate drops insanely. Google chrome now requires all of the CPU's attention and frequently crashes... Now, this description probably doesn't help much, however any useful suggestions would be appreciated.. Also, don't dare suggest: Buy a new computer.. :P

Yours truly >_>

  N47. 17:18 29 Jun 2014

It sounds like your graphics and motherboard drivers are missing. Right click my computer - properties - device manager. Id there any conflicts.

  smurf118 18:22 29 Jun 2014

Only anomaly is under "Other Devices" : Video Controller (VGA). I right clicked, and tried to update drivers by letting Windows search, however there was no luck ;/

  BRYNIT 19:11 29 Jun 2014

You may need to go to the Computer or motherboard Manufacturer web site to download drivers for the motherboard and any other drivers required.

  N47. 20:18 29 Jun 2014

Is it a branded computer, if so what make and model number. Also are you sure it has a separate graphics card? You can tell because the connection will be separate and lower down the rear of the computer.

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