touch screen problems on win8

  Eddie 2425 17:31 06 Nov 2012

upgraded to win8 from win7 sorted most problems apart from my touch screen, it doesn't work, tried to find drivers , but not sure which touch screen drivers comes under, the pc is an ACER Z5771.Thought win8 would be suitable for all touch screens, mine is only a year old! Eddie

  woody 23:33 06 Nov 2012

Does it not work at all - or just not near the edges?

  Eddie 2425 15:37 07 Nov 2012

h i woody sorry for the delay in replying, work. No the touch does not work at all any where cheers Eddie

  aliaskeefh 18:23 10 Nov 2012

hi my win8 touch screen works (just) only i cannot calibrate it the touch is roughly 2cms out to the right and 1 cm up

when i use tabcal.exe to calibrate the 1st cross hair appears in the top left hand corner and when you tap it it just sits there forever

any ideas? most frustrating, i have contacted the touch screen manufactureres for a Win8 driver but they say it isn't needed I don't believe them, it doesn't wok and did before


  woody 19:39 10 Nov 2012

"ALIASKEEFH" The short answer is I do not know.

You know your monitor (not win 8) has control for "centering" the picture on the screen - could these controls help you move the sensitive area into the correct place?

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