Toshiba Laptop won't boot

  The Potter 22:55 24 Jun 2011

The laptop runs the UTube Toolbox (TB) most of the time so when I went to bed I checked the TB and everything was running fine. I checked it again when I woke up and the screen was black and gave the following message:

Check cable connection PXE M0F: Exiting PXE ROM No bootable device Insert boot disk and press any key

I don't have a boot disk. I tried to create one on my other win7 laptop but I only have cdrws and not dvdrws so I guess it failed because of lack of space to record everything?

The cdrw did save some boot files but the Tosh laptop still couldn't load windows.

I did manage to run the repair tool from the LT directly and when it finished it said the root cause was a corrupt registry. I presumed it had fixed it but windows still wouldn't load and now I only get the original problem message or the repair thing which never shows a windows and the HD stops sounding like it's actually scanning after about a 1/2 hour.

Is buying dvdrws potentially my only solution or is there anything else I can try?

Many thanks


  chub_tor 15:37 25 Jun 2011

In the BIOS, look in the boot options and take the "other devices" or "other" out of the boot sequence. Also check to see if boot from LAN is enabled. If it is, disable it. PXE is a protocol that will enable you to boot from a network drive or server. The key is to have the Hard drive booting before anything else although if you ever need to boot up from a CD (for example installing a new operating system) you should set this to be the first boot device and the hard drive to be the second boot device.

If after these changes it still says there is no bootable drive, most likely the hard drive is dead. Listen close to any strange noises coming from your computer...especially clicking.

  The Potter 02:13 05 Jul 2011

Thanks. Following your post I got on to Toshiba and they diagnosed either a dead HD or connector - via the setup utility showing there was no HD.

Fortunately still under warranty so being fixed for free.


  kristain 08:44 16 Aug 2011


Malware or spyware or virus infection can be removed by installing antispyware program/antimalware program/antivirus program. Detect the presence of malicious software in your system through the scanning process. By upgrading your computer system’s RAM, you can reduce the slow booting problem. You can delete unnecessary startup processes by opening ‘System Configuration Utilities’ and selecting the ‘Startup’ tab and ending the program which is not necessary for the Startup process. Before turning on your PC, you need to check the hardware connection and its status. You need to remove damaged hardware as well.

  rdave13 11:47 16 Aug 2011

Usually when you need to create backup discs or repair discs it will work with read once discs and not with re-writable discs. Try a CD-R disc to create the bootable repair disc in Win 7 when you get your Laptop back.

  ankitadas 06:52 22 Aug 2011


First check the memory in your laptop.

Toshiba laptops get to the stage where they reject a piece of memory, so do a bit of playing, take some out, boot up - if it works, Great, if it doesn't - shut down & start the take some out & swap process again.

Hope it will help.

Time recording

  kristain 07:25 26 Aug 2011


You many face boot hang problems during the boot up of Windows 7 operating system. Hanging means booting cannot be processed after starting the boot process. Slow boot problem indicates that it takes a long time to complete the boot process; from starting till the end. Virus or malware infection is the main reason for the boot process hanging. If your PC contains many startup processes, you may face slow system boot up. Also limited RAM space could result in the slow boot process.

  Richard Hill 09:29 31 Aug 2011

my toshiba sometimes work weird too, i can some lights are on, but press turn on light without reflection; when turn off it, i do see some updates loading...

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