Thunderbird double send

  The Bard 14:55 03 Jan 2014

I hope this is right place. I have W7 and Thunderbird 24.2.0. After composing an email I click on 'Send'. If there is no subject I get the usual warning message, so I click 'Send' again, only for the same warning message to re-appear. Clicking on 'Send' again finally sends the message. Exactly the same happens if there are words etc that are not recognised.

I have tried the Thunderbird Forum without success, I have also tried removing and re-installing.

  Batch 16:34 03 Jan 2014

This doesn't directly solve your issue but...

You can make Thunderbird use an Outbox folder so that it doesn't immediately send the messages. Then you could review the Outbox before sending.

In the Write window, when you have complelted the message, instead of clicking send, either go to File, Send Later or simply hit "CTL+SHIFT+RETURN".

Alternatively install the MagicSLR extension and put a Send Later button in the Write window's toolbar.

  alanrwood 12:17 05 Jan 2014

Firstly it is bad practice to send emails without a subject. The recipient has no idea as to the contents. If I receive one without a subject it is always deleted automatically by Mailwasher as it may be a virus email. If removing and reinstalling has not sorted it then I suggest you create a new profile.

I the Run box enter "thunderbird -p" and in the pop up select create a new profile and do not pick the default location as it will probably overwrite your existing data. I always create my profile in My Documents\Thunderbird\Profile so it gets backed up with the rest of my documents. Open Thunderbird and do not allow it to import any settings etc. Create your email pop3 and SMTP account settings and give it a try and let us know what happens.

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