Things I like about Vista.

  SteveWH 20:48 11 Apr 2007

Vista seems to be getting quite a hammering. I thought I might redress the balance a little.

I am running Vista Ultimate and I really like it the things I like most are:

Search facility you can search system wide or within a specific folder. I enter a word or a phrase I am looking for a voilà all the docs with that phrase appear.

Preview pane I can scroll through all the docs in a folder and read them without opening any of them.

Scrolling open windows and task bar thumbnails.

Windows Media Centre runs exceptionally well with my Cinergy Hybrid T USB XS.

Windows Aero interface knocks the spots off OSX.

New Movie Maker simple but very effective.(providing you have enough oomph in the graphics department.


Shadow copy and full system backup (Ultimate only)

Snipping tool.

Photo Gallery

Security (bit of a pain but far better than it was).

Things can only get better as the OS evolves what do you like about it?

  PurplePenny 21:44 11 Apr 2007

Can't really put my finger on what I like about it but I much prefer it to XP. I never did get on with XP. Vista just seems more intuitive to me.

I love the little icon that brings up all the open screens to choose from - it's invaluable when you have a cat fast asleep in front of the monitor and obliterating most of the bottom of the screen.

  anskyber 21:54 11 Apr 2007

"Vista just seems more intuitive to me"

Is exactly how I have described it many times so I fully agree with you.

The answer to the question "if you knew nothing about computers which would be the easiest to learn?" It must be Vista rather than XP. I am relatively new to PCs in fact only in the last 3 or so years have I looked at a PC "in anger"; having begun to understand XP a little I have found Vista to be an easier experience.

Some comments I have read appear to be intolerant of Vista because it is not the same, in a user sense, as XP, but then it's new it would be different.

  Totally-braindead 22:15 11 Apr 2007

I might agree with you about Vista if I could get it to work properly on my PC but I had problems and reverted to XP.
If you've got it and are happy with it then brilliant - glad to hear it. For me it'll have to wait a while.

And by the way SteveWH not knocking your post or anything but most people post here because they have a problem or don't know how to do something.
It would be a bit daft if everyone who had a Vista PC and liked it posted, same as if everyone who had a XP machine did the same. There would be no room in the Forums for anything else.
You might be right to try to redress the balance in that all you see is problems but that to a certain degree is the way things are, we like to moan more than we like to compliment.

  SteveWH 22:34 11 Apr 2007


Point taken but with a preponderance of negative experiences its difficult to come to a balanced view.

I find hunting this forum helpful before coming to a decision to buy hardware of software there is much more to Vista than the poor response of hardware and software vendors.

I think the text heading the forum: 'getting to grips with what might be the best windows version yet' kind of got me thinking.

  Totally-braindead 00:11 12 Apr 2007

"might" being the operative word here.

I couldn't get it to work properly, now that to a certain degree I can understand, XP after all was the same for many people when it came out, no drivers etc. What I did have a problem with is that my free Vista was an upgrade disk. And it wouldn't upgrade. I tried for about 4 hours and it just wouldn't do it, I had to format and do a clean install. Once it was up and running I had a lot of problems and ended up back on XP. Most were solved some were not.
Fine for the likes of me but I feel genuinely sorry for any person not really into computers who buys an upgrade disk for £140 and finds that he or she cannot install it.
To be fair about the situation, many seem to have got it running ok and I presume anyone that buys a new PC with it preinstalled is also ok. Least I haven't seen any problems for preinstalled windows yet.
I will try it again but I will be waiting. The thing that finished it for me was the keyboard not working properly, missing out letters when you type, I couldn't find a solution and couldn't accept that as I really couldn't use the computer.
Ask me again in 6 months time and I may answer differently but at the moment its not for me.

And I would never have bought it at this time anyway I only have it as it was a free upgrade. I waited over a year before the move to XP.

Time will tell if its the best windows ever.

  [email protected] 09:17 12 Apr 2007

not really on here but on other forums i use, i seem to find amd/ nvidia users seem to post a lot of problems.

  [email protected] 09:19 12 Apr 2007

and i dont think upgrade is an option, seems to cause a lot more problems than a clean install, just another observation!

  Ricardo Verdi 08:57 13 Apr 2007

Totally-braindead, how did you get a free upgrade?

  HappyTrucker 10:29 13 Apr 2007


Some PCs/laptops bought in the last 6 months or so came with XP installed and a voucher for a free upgrade to Vista on its release.

It IS an enticing thought though isn't it? Free upgrades all round please :o)

  Totally-braindead 12:32 13 Apr 2007

That was how I got my free upgrade of course. I was entitled to the upgrade for a handling free, got Vista Home Premium Upgrade disk for £12. Proper price for it is £139. Reason they did it was the manufacturers were frightened at Xmas that no one would buy a PC as they all knew Vista was coming and that it wouldn't be released till after Xmas, and they thought everyone would wait so between the PC manufacturers and Microsoft they provided a free upgrade to Vista when it was released. Unfortunatly mine didn't work and I had to revert to XP.

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