Is there anything I can delete from visa.....

  golfpro 16:42 25 Oct 2007

I have just bought a new laptop with win Vista pre installed. the start up is very slow. Is there any thing I can delete (safely) from the start up menu to speed this up. 18:42 25 Oct 2007

there are some good tips click here
from the 1832 post from Jay.P.

  youtruth 19:41 25 Oct 2007

adman 2, always gives realistic and very good advice.

What bugs me golfpro is when I continually see new buyers still suffering with very slow Vista computers.

However, many within this forum will just defend Vista to the hilt by responding with the ' I'm alwight jack' nonsense.

It's a global disgrace and should be investigated into. Vista was sold to us as the new black in pc's.

A funny thing happened to-day coming back from a half term London break with my family, when a guy in the train seat in front of us started up the latest big screened Acer Vista laptop.
"Watch this" I said in gleeful anticipation and a playful voice to my wife.

She is very skilled in using computers for business and pleasure but has never used a Vista computer. She was really shocked at the length of time that it took for this laptop to boot-up.

Many are just sitting and waiting for the Vista SP1 to be released! A sorry state of affairs in reality, really.

  golfpro 06:48 26 Oct 2007

The thing is I'm not a gamer, Except the pre-installed ones there isn't a game on my PC or Laptop.
My Laptop is networked at the moment wirelessly to my PC via a Linksys WRT54GL router my OSP is the local Cable Co. and My PC is running XP Home.
I just have problems down loading programs, for instance it took about four/five min. yesterday to download and install the free version of Adaware, and when I did a full back up of the system to disc, I could have left home got married and started a small family before it had finished.
Thank goodness my PC is running XP. Once you have got Vista on a computer your your stuck with it. "Thank you very much Microsoft well done".

  golfpro 07:14 26 Oct 2007

I meant to add, the Laptop is an Acer Travelmate with core duo 2.0 GHz and 1Gb Ram. So its not that slow.

  tullie 09:32 26 Oct 2007

To be honest my Vista machine boots just as quick as XP,without putting a stopwatch on it.

  skidzy 19:48 26 Oct 2007

im assuming VistaHP

Most will also advise as i would,Vista needs 2GB of ram to run smoothly,todays market,a gig is just not enough.

  golfpro 06:04 27 Oct 2007

Yes you assume correctly, but come on 1024 Mb of ram is plenty to run any OS, my PC which is pretty powerful has only that much.
If that was true what you are saying, then why are most of the laptop suppliers now installing Vista HP as a pre-installed OS.
Have a look through the new lap tops that are for sale and you will be hard pushed to find one under 1000 Quid with 2048 Mb.
It depends what you are doing with your Computer, if you are forever running some of the modern games, I would agree then maybe you need a bit more, if you are into this sort thing you don't buy a laptop, you buy a desk top PC, horses for courses as they say, but as I am not, I think I have plenty for my needs. 10:03 27 Oct 2007

things move very quickly, i have got rid of my vista pc, if i try it again it will be 64 bit, because with 4 gig of ram i still found my 2 gig xp pc better at most things. vista will run on 1 gig but will limp unless you have a seperate graphics card. my 4 gig 32 bit set up assigned over 1 gig to video ram on idle. i may try 64 bit as i didnt feel 4 was enough.
click here

  bremner 17:03 27 Oct 2007

The problem with Vista is that it needs at least 1GB to be effective. Many laptop have graphics cards that share the main RAM.

If you have a 256MB board graphics there is only 744MB available for Vista and it will show.

There are more and more laptops available with 2GB of RAM for well under £1000 for example click here=

  golfpro 05:56 28 Oct 2007

I suppose I can always stick some more in in the future if I need it, it has space for up to 4 Gig.
But I use this LT purely for text work, emails and Skype when I am away, with the odd photo thrown in. Right now its got all I need.

Just as an add on, I have just installed the latest offering from Registry Mechanic, ran it and repaired everything it found (Quite a lot). It is now booting up in half the time as before and working almost as quick as my PC.

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