Text Box in Word 2007

  sheila.weston 21:11 09 May 2009

I am trying to create a template for a front cover for some papers, using a simple heading, with summary, date etc.

What I want is a thin black border, following the margins of the page, with a wider coloured border inside it.

The heading and other comments will be inside this. It sounds easy, using the insert>text box option, but I just cannot find how.

I will want about a dozen similar pages, so a template would be best. Thanks for any help.

  Woolwell 23:12 09 May 2009

There may be better ways to do this. But one way would be to create a text box just inside the margins chose a wide coloured border for it. Then insert a rectangular shape with a thin black line around the outside of the text box an dthen send this shape to the back. It should look as if you have a text box with a black line with a wider coloured line inside that. Then save it as a template.

  sheila.weston 09:34 10 May 2009

Many thanks, Woolwell.... Yes, but how do I get the line/box to exactly follow the margins?

Also, having created the box how can I copy and paste the page? I have a page set out more or less as I want it. I can't remember how I made it - more or less as you say, I think, although it didn't 'work' yesterday. I want to have several pages with different text, all in the same file.

I am starting with the 'Title Page' template in Word 2007 and want to draw a box around it. I have tried ctl+C and shift insert to duplicate what I have already done, but the completed page won't copy. Perhaps I'll have to save the file with a different name, but I really want the pages all in one file.

  sheila.weston 09:43 10 May 2009

Perhaps I need to 'flatten' or combine the layers before I can copy them? But I can't see anything about that in the help files.

  sheila.weston 09:59 10 May 2009

I had yet another try at copying and pasting and IT WORKED! So I can put several pages in the same file. Great!

But I still can't find a way to make the Text Box follow the margins. I tried the backwards P to show the formatting, but it doesn't appear to show the margins. I'll just have to do it by hand.

  Woolwell 14:53 10 May 2009

Sorry - have been busy.

If you go to the View tab and click gridlines you should be able to align the text box with the margins.

In some ways what you are trying to do is better suited to a DTP program like Publisher.

  sheila.weston 15:30 11 May 2009

Many thanks, Woolwell I tend to forget about the grid. Yes, Ill do as you suggest. I have slight flu at the moment and then have holidays for two weeks, so I'll mark this thread as resolved. Thanks, again.

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