Task bar icons

  hiwatt 11:07 10 May 2007

I have a new computer with Vista.The following icons are in the taskbar and can't close.(Set up my pc,safely remove hardware,blocked start up programs,currentley connected to)Can someone tell me if and how I can remove them.Thanks.

  ventanas 11:40 10 May 2007

The setup my pc item must have put there by your vendor eg Dell etc... as it is not part of Windows.

Safely remove Hardware you need. I will either be for a removeable drive, printer perhaps, or some other item of hardware you have connected. If you wish to remove this item you right click the icon, left click the message that appears and choose the hardware you wish to unplug. Hardware should NOT be disconnected any other way.

Blocked start up programs could be any number of things. Do you have any in formation as to what they are. A box should pop up when you click this icon, or on start up.

  hiwatt 12:12 10 May 2007

Thanks Ventanas.I'm not at that pc at the moment,it's my girlfriends.I'll check out what's causing the "blocked startup programs" icon later and post back.Cheers.

  ventanas 12:26 10 May 2007

I forgot to mention the connected to item. This tells you your network is connected and all is fine - unless you don't have a network.

  hiwatt 19:29 10 May 2007

The blocked programs icon was showing because I had changed some start up options in msconfig.It has gone now I have told it it's ok.Thanks.

  hiwatt 19:32 10 May 2007

I have windows vista and the cpu is going from 5% to 70%.The only running program is Norton.Is this normal?It's showing 46 processes.Thanks.

  hiwatt 20:05 10 May 2007

Sorry,I meant to start a new thread.

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