Talk Talk and Vista...?

  al7478 20:51 30 May 2008

Anyone here using them together? I gather from the TT site that the setup disk doesnt support Vista, and it has to be installed manually. Thing is, I've no idea what this means.

As a side issue, has anyone made the change from OE to Windows mail with a TT email account...?

  al7478 14:28 31 May 2008

There must be someone...?

  mgmcc 20:46 31 May 2008

Using Vista's "Windows Mail" shouldn't present any particular problems. Setting it up is straightforward and the sending and receiving protocols (SMTP and POP3) are universal, so the email client used is immaterial.

As regards ISP "Setup" disks, if you are supplied with a router you should be able to set it up manually by connecting a computer to it by ethernet cable and then typing its (the router's) IP address into a web browser. This will open the router's configuration pages.

  al7478 21:42 31 May 2008


Thing is, my current router is a bt voyager 2100, which i dont think will be vista compatible, as its quite old - point being that the router im using isnt a TT one. I did "plumb" it in in the way you described tho, so maybe thatd work.

Ill give TT a call - theyve been quite good about such things in the past - i think theyll also talk me through the email situation.

Can i just pick your brains about another couple things...?

First - I have office 2000 - is OE in that, and if so would be able to continue using it, or is OE integral to the OS, rather than Office? I would just check, but dont have the disk just now.

Secondly, if there are any other general, obvious things i need to keep in mind when making the OS change?

  Ashrich 21:55 31 May 2008

Outlook Express / Windows Mail is integral in the OS , in MS Office you get the " industrial " Outlook


  mgmcc 22:09 31 May 2008

<<<my current router is a bt voyager 2100, which i dont think will be vista compatible>>>

Routers are network devices to which a computer connects with TCP/IP protocol via ethernet ("wired" or "wireless") and as such are "platform-independent", so the operating system is immaterial - XP, Vista, Mac OSX, Linux etc., it doesn't matter.

If the BT Voyager was supplied as part of a BT Broadband package, as opposed to a retail version, it may be *locked* to BT's service. They do this by requiring BT account settings, so that it cannot be used with a different ISP.

<<<I have office 2000 - is OE in that, and if so would be able to continue using it, or is OE integral to the OS, rather than Office?>>>

Office 2000 will have "Microsoft Outlook" included, not Outlook Express. Outlook Express is actually bundled with Internet Explorer - when upgrading a PC to a later version of Internet Explorer, the latest version of Outlook Express is also installed. Otherwise, it is installed with the operating system.

  al7478 22:26 31 May 2008

Thanks folks!

So it looks like im changing to Windows Mail then.

The router works ok with TT now, so im assuming it isnt locked. I think it was a retail version then. If i sound a bit dumb and vague, its because i share my net connection with someone, and its their router.

  al7478 21:28 17 Jun 2008


I by no means doubt what you say re: routers being platform independant, but im an ignoramous with these things and just wanted to double check.

Anyway, ive seen a router we might go for, but it doesnt list vista in its compatible operating systems (this may not be an issue in the end tho). Could it jsut be that it came out before Vista...?

  AlanHo 04:16 18 Jun 2008

I had to replace my Netgear router with a later version when I upgraded to Vista. Netgear confirmed that my old router was not compatible and could not be upgraded.

  al7478 15:01 18 Jun 2008

interesting. thanks!

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