SystemPropertiesProtection.exe – Corrupt file

  Pine Man 15:00 12 Mar 2008

The 'System Protection' box displays a list of drives selected for System Restore. If I access this box via Control Panel/System/System Protection I get a pop up box with the following message – ‘SystemPropertiesProtection.exe – Corrupt file. File or Directory\System Volume Information is corrupt and unreadable. Please run CHKDSK utility.’

I have run CHKDSK and the problem has not been resolved and I think that this issue may be linked to the fact that System Restore frequently fails to work and will not allow me to restore to an earlier point.

I have no other problems with Vista and rely on Acronis True Image to restore my system if necessary but it would be nice to resolve this issue.

  BurrWalnut 15:54 12 Mar 2008

Have you tried switching system restore off then back on?

You'll lose all restore points but you do have an ATI backup to restore.

  Pine Man 16:03 12 Mar 2008

Thanks for your response.

I have turned system restore off and left it for a few days before turning it back on. Having done that I tested it and it worked but after a couple of days it didn't again. I have done this a number of times.

There used to be a way of re-installing system restore in XP but I don't know how to do it in Vista.

  BurrWalnut 16:14 12 Mar 2008

You could try the 'full monty':

1. Turn off SR.
2. Run chkdsk.
3. Run sfc /scannow.
4. Turn SR back on.

  Pine Man 16:33 12 Mar 2008

Never used sfc/scannow is it dangerous/reversible?

  BurrWalnut 19:18 12 Mar 2008

It's perfectly safe, though not always successful.

Run it (SFC) from an elevated Command Prompt, i.e. click the Windows Orb (Start) > All Programs > Accessories and right-click Command Prompt, then ‘Run as Administrator’. Type sfc /scannow (note the space) and press Enter. This may take some time and you may have to put the Vista DVD in the drive.

SFC appends its results to a log file named CBS.log, which is located in the \Windows\Logs\CBS folder. Use Notepad to read it (you may need to run Notepad as the Administrator). If there are errors, use ‘Find’ (Ctrl + F) to check for the words 'cannot repair'. Write down the names of the corrupted files and go here click here which shows how to copy any system files that SFC could not repair.

  Pine Man 19:23 12 Mar 2008

Thanks for the info - most useful. I'll give it a go and report back.

  Pine Man 13:10 13 Mar 2008

First of all I ran SFC to verify only. It did so and said I had some corrupted files, which were shown on a log. I read the log, or tried to, which was enormous and no help at all.

Taking my life in my hands I created a restore point and ran SFC to find and repair corrupt files. It ran it's length and reported that it couldn't repair all of the files that were corrupt and referred me to the log, which was meaningless!

The file which was corrupt (see the heading) is still corrupt and SFC removed my restore point!

I thought I would try a repair from the Vista DVD but my PC will not now boot from it or read it in Windows Explorer. Is it corrupt or has SFC done something nasty - who knows.

Unless anybody has any other ideas I think I might just turn off system restore and rely on Acronis to help me out if the whole thing goes belly up!

  Pine Man 08:39 14 Mar 2008

My DVD is corrupt so I cannot repair my o/s until I get a new one.

System restore is turned off and I will tick this as resolved and start a new thread when I am able to attempt a repair with a new DVD.

  BurrWalnut 09:27 14 Mar 2008

If you want to do a startup repair and can’t wait to receive the Vista DVD, you can download and then create a Recovery Disk ISO click here Try to avoid the torrent as it may be slow.

From the ISO image on your hard disk, create a CD (a DVD is not necessary as it’s only 120MB).

It works in the same way as the Vista DVD, i.e. boot from the disk, choose ‘Press any key to boot from CD/DVD’ and Vista will start to load the Windows files. Select your language, time/currency and keyboard then click ‘Repair’ in the bottom left corner. Within the repair option there are five choices: Startup Repair, System Restore, Backup Restore, Memory Test and Command Prompt.

This CD will also boot to an XP installation and allow the Command Prompt option to run programs like chkdsk.

  Pine Man 11:40 14 Mar 2008

Thanks for that.

I checked out the site but couldn't find the answer to one simple question - If a file is corrupted can this disk replace it without the need for the original Vista disk?

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