System Volume is corrupt, Black Screen of Death Win7

  Jegster 18:33 03 Jan 2013

Hi all, please bear with me as I am a self taught amateur on a computer! I recently encountered the dreaded Windows 7 'Black screen of death' I noticed when my power had cut that when it was turned back on it did the disk check and started saying replacing invalid security id with default (or something along those lines) it took 40 minutes to complete and on restart it gave me only a black screen with a moving cursor. I left it for a few hours in the hope that it would be rectified but to no avail. Ctrl+alt+del doesn't work and there is zilch happening, it is just the same in safe mode too. I started to try to search for info on my mobile which was very limited. I have a Samsung laptop and I can access the built in samsung recovery solutions but I do not have the foggiest of what to do. I have read about it being malware, microsoft update issues and heard that it can be repaired easily whereas others are saying it needs to have its permissions altered etc...I saw a youtube vid saying that you can do the f8, start up repair...I tried this and it came back with: 'system volume on disk is corrupt' repair action: file system repair (chkdsk) result: completed successfully. Error code = 0x0

I restarted and nothing had changed. So now I went to try the other part of the vid I saw which was to go in the command prompt window and type in sfc /scannow ...I was about to do this and noticed my C: drive was now replaced by the letter X?! Is it worth me trying this command or not?

I am trying to give as much information as possible and I am really sorry if all the 'fixes' and help have been posted prior, I would just like to restore my laptop asap.

Please if any of you could help this damsel in distress (in simple terms please) I will be forever grateful :D

  Nontek 19:16 03 Jan 2013
  Jegster 19:27 03 Jan 2013

Before I attempt to do this can you tell me why my C: drive is now an X: ?! I have Samsung recovery 4 too which I know will do the same as the link you directed me to. I hope I am not being too annoying and my knowledge is basic but we all have to start somewhere...computers and technical stuff are not my forte.

  Nontek 19:36 03 Jan 2013

I found this on another forum ...

On the computer, you can go into "Computer Management" then under the subheading "Disk Management" right click the drive ( default as C, or in your case X) and the click on "Change Drive Letter and Paths..." and from there on it is quite simple!

  Jegster 23:28 03 Jan 2013

Sorry to sound thick but how do I access 'Computer management' the only things I can get into are f2, f4 and f8 ...safemode doesn't work I just get the black screen and cursor.

  rdave13 01:11 04 Jan 2013

In F4 can you do a Complete restore. You will lose all your docs and music etc. It will restore to factory settings. Otherwise try downloading Win 7 iso (make sure the same bit version and home or professional etc.) Burn to disc (you will need a burner that will burn iso. files, Ashampoo free will do it unless you have a burner compatible that will burn iso files).

Boot to the disc , full instructions here.

It looks as the hard drive's MBR is corrupted an it's looking to the restore partition 'X'.

  Jegster 02:07 04 Jan 2013

Thank you for taking the time out to respond :) I saved all my personal stuff to an external hard drive that I borrowed and then restored to factory settings...I was nervous about doing this as I didn't know what would actually be retained...I am happy though that I still have all my office, Win 7 etc. I just need to buy an external hard drive now to store my files on just incase for the future. Thank you for your patience.

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