System Restore...& 6lb sledgehammer

  darkreign 07:46 16 Aug 2007

Hi Peeps

Probably already discussed to death but i think i've found the perfect solution to my computer problems...a 6lb sledgehammer (on sale at B&Qs).

I've had to try and use sys restore which was fine until it tries to log back on. The welcome screen comes on, the logo comes back on, then it goes black with the mouse cursor sitting in the middle(mocking me). Nothing else shows, no desktop, no taskbar no nothing. Tried rebooting in safe mode but the keyboard don't seem to work so that I can't choose the safe mode option. Tried using vista cd to boot from the cd but don't get that option.

I'm using Vista home premium with a core2duo system. I've got the sledgehammer leaning against the desktop intimidating the darn thing...but it don't seem to work. Obnoxious piece of beetle dung.

Can anybody help.

  J B 09:05 16 Aug 2007

This is a shot in the dark but are you running Norton A/V or I/S by chance? I had a problem simular to yours and the only way that I could use system restore was to disable "Auto Protect" then system restore would work. Needless to say, Norton doesn't live here anymore. J.B.

  darkreign 10:00 16 Aug 2007

Thanks for the response JB.

I do have norton a/v. I did try to see how to disable it prior to SR but my single braincell was asleep and couldn't figure it out. Did the SR anyway but now can't get into the sys in any mode other then 'windows normal startup', then it goes through the rigmarole of booting up but then the desktop doesn't show when it should!


PS if once i can get back up and running, and disable Norton A/V is the windows security enough or do i need something else?

  J B 13:40 16 Aug 2007

In a word No. If you want to disable "Auto Protect" make sure that you disconnect from the internet, then do so. If system restore works it will probably be Norton who is the culprit. I would check out other A/V solutions before you get rid of Norton if thats what you are going to do. I assume that you are using another computer at present so check out this thread click here It has some pretty solid advise. J.B.

  J B 14:49 16 Aug 2007

I forgot to add, if you decide to change your A/V and get rid of Norton, download your preferred A/V program first, then uninstall Norton using their removal tool from here click here Just pick your product and save it to your desktop and follow the instructions. Then you can install your new A/V program. J.B.

  darkreign 18:51 16 Aug 2007

Just tried repairing it with the vista cd and still not having it. Just about to try system restore (again) following instructions from cd. Your link has solid advice and will heed like a loyal puppy...if and when I get this sorted. Using a Dell laptop from the jurasic age for this forum.


  darkreign 20:55 16 Aug 2007

...well booting the system from a vista cd and then doing a system restore from the options has seemed to put some life back into my system (i couldn't do this before because my keyboards wouldn't work, so now i know that usb and wireless keyboards are no good in this scenario). Now back to what I was trying to repair when the SR problem occured...trying to get my dvd rom recognised and working (from out of the pan and into the fire, so to speak). But that's for another day, another time and another forum. For now i'm just going to whimper quietly and be content with my semi-operational system.

Thanks JB

  J B 10:20 17 Aug 2007

Glad to be of some service. J.B.

  pc613 07:53 19 Aug 2007

there are a couple of things to try to get your usb keyboard to work. Enter bios by holding down delete key when rebooting, open up intergrated peripherals and enable USB Keyboard Support and USB Mouse Support your keyboard should work.

also if you open standard CMOS features and enable (Halt On All Errors but Keyboard) your system should boot normally. you could also check your motherboard manufacturer to see if they have and update for USB support, MSI do so I would think most others should.

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