System Restore

  gcowboy 17:00 31 Aug 2008

I seem to get a message after attempting system restore to say that due to an error it was not done.

I looked in FAQs but it does not really help me.

Is there any reason why I should not be able to do a restore, or are there simply certain restore points which would have no effect if one did take one's pc back to such points?

  skidzy 18:21 31 Aug 2008

please accept my apologies for not getting back to you with your wireless problem.

Ok,i see you have two more threads on the go and my guess is that they are related.

Can you tell us what problems you are having.
Please give us as much info as possible.No need to worry about your computer knowledge we can direct and help you along if needed.

  gcowboy 18:48 31 Aug 2008

I have attempted system restores lately back to when I removed some programmes.
However it just does not seem to work.
I keep getting the same message saying that there was a fault and therefore the restore did not happen.
I do not know if this is related to any other issues as I have no real knowledge of how these things work!
I have only had this DELL for about a year but you cant get online help with this model. So I have to trawl through loads of threads on forum hoping to find help!
This method seems to be more fruitful as people are happy to share info in order to help one another. And, boy! do I need help!?
FAQs never really tell you what to do.
I am wondering if the best thing I can do is copy all my files off and go back to stage one with this thing.
Or even better, maybe I should ditch Vista altogether!

  skidzy 18:56 31 Aug 2008

Firstly,Vista is a very good operating system but its a new learning curve over xp.

I would not normally recommend this but have you considered resetting the computer back to how you bought it ?

I see you have been having problem after problem,this is why im saying about a restore to factory settings.

If this is not an option,we can try to fix your issues.

Remember if you decide to revert to how the computer was bought,you will lose all pics and data,so backup first.

We can try a Vista Startup repair first,this should fix your IE problem and the System restore issues.

Startup repair

Turn off the computer
Switch back on and continually tap F8
This should bring you into safemode

Is there a Startup Repair option ?
If you have the Vista DVD click here

Dell computers normally ship with a recovery partition,so we should be able to get you up and running smoothly in no time.

  gcowboy 19:15 31 Aug 2008

Startup Repair does indeed feature in the Help Section.
A few weeks ago when the pc froze completely I switched it off and then it actually went through a very slow process which led to it finally switching back on.
I take it that a startup repair using the disc will not involve losing any files etc?
I would rather not go back to the beginning if it involves all that hassle!
I certainly to feel sometimes like the pc is in control and i am not!
I have a Drivers and Utilities resinstallationdisc;
and an Operating System disc Reinstallation dvd.

By the way, all those offers of free register clearup progs which claim to be free suddenly cost money once they identify the 970 errors they find!! Is there a genuinely free one which I can safely use?

  skidzy 20:07 31 Aug 2008

Ok,Startup repair should not wipe anything.You may not need the disc for startup repair as im guessing that you can do this from F8 and the recovery partition.

Use ccleaner as your registry cleaner click here when using the registry function it will prompt you into saving a backup...always say yes.

One of the best registry cleaners (paid version) is Registry Mechanic® 8 for Windows click here

  gcowboy 20:27 31 Aug 2008

I am starting with the hippo for which, thankyou.
I think I shall save the startup repair for tomorrow.
Does one need to do f8? This is not mentioned in the help section?
At what point does one do f8?
Thanks for your kind help and patience with me!

  skidzy 21:07 31 Aug 2008

I need to check your Dell's procedure of Startup repair some work from F8 some from the disc...can you post the model number.

  gcowboy 21:41 31 Aug 2008


  skidzy 22:47 31 Aug 2008

1. Restart the computer.

2. Tap the <F8> key during startup until the Windows Advanced Options menu appears. (If the Windows Advanced Options menu does not appear, restart the computer, and try again.)

3. Press the <Down Arrow> key until Repair Your Computer is highlighted, and press the <Enter> key.

4. When the System Recovery Options window appears, click to select your language, and click Next.

5. Log in as a user with administrative rights, and click OK. (The Windows Vista Recovery Environment appears.)

6. From the Choose a recovery tool menu, click Startup Repair. (Startup Repair proceeds to check the system for issues and resolve them.)

7. Once completed, click Finish.

8. Click Restart.

If you have spyware/Malware/viruses etc...this will not remove any of them.

Startup repair will repair IE and windows problems.

Will pop in tomorrow to see how you got along.
Good luck.

  skidzy 23:03 31 Aug 2008

Just a thought,and maybe a quick solution for you...try this first;


The SFC utility allows administrators to perform a scan of all protected resources to verify that they are the correct version. If SFC should find any incorrect versions in any of these protected resources, SFC will replace them with the correct versions.

Here's how to use the System File Checker:

1. Click the Windows button>> All Programs>> Accessories.

2. Right click the Command Prompt option and then select "Run as administrator" from the resulting menu.

3. With the Command Prompt window showing, type in: sfc /scannow [Enter]
(note the space between c and /)

4. You will now receive a message that states the scan will now begin. If SFC should find any rogue files that need to be replaced, you may be asked to insert your Windows CD/dvd if not on a partition. If the SFC scans without finding any problems, you will receive the following message: "Windows resource protection did not find any integrity violations".

5. Close the command prompt window.

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