System Recovery Options Pre-Installed

  PaulB2005 09:05 22 Feb 2007

In Windows XP you could run the Recovery Console (RC) from the CD or pre-install it on the hard drive.

RC has been removed from Vista and has been replaced with System Recovery Options. Many web pages mention that it can run when needed from the Vista DVD. However many also mention that manufacturers can pre-install the System Recovery Options on the hard drive like RC on XP.

Does anyone know how to do this because no-one seems to mention it?

  anskyber 09:47 22 Feb 2007

I have not used it so I cannot speak from experience but my understanding is the System Recovery in Vistas will require the DVD if you have it.

More and more manufacturers who pre install OS's like vista will have a recovery partition and it should be clear from the manual. My Dell does for example. The problem with recovery partitions is their use is often similar to a format and reinstall so all your added programs and files are lost and need to be reinstalled.

The best thing I have ever bought by a very large margin is Acronis True Image 10. It takes an "image" of your HDD of everything including the precious operating system and all the files and settings. A restore in that case is everything going back exactly as it was before.

  PaulB2005 23:01 22 Feb 2007

Thanks but I already have Acronis True Image 10 and i'm not talking about Recovery Partitions.

From using Vista RC1 and various other Betas i have found how to run Vista System Recovery from the DVD - these are MS tools which includes the option to Recover your PC from an Image using the new Vista Backup software (which works like True Image / Ghost). However Microsoft and many others talk of an option for manufacturers to install the System Recovery Options so it is built into the OS (presumabnly for PC that do not ship with an OS disk) in the same way you could install the Recovery Console under XP.

I would like to know how to do that if anyone knows.

  anskyber 23:05 22 Feb 2007

My understanding is the system recovery facility which was in the Beta versions is not available in the RCM version unless you have ultimate.

  PaulB2005 23:18 22 Feb 2007

True and i have Ultimate RC1 and will have Ultimate once the RC1 runs out.

Anyway it looks like i have a very long and complicated answer to study tomorrow - click here

Too tired to study it now.

anskyber - thank you. Sorry if i came across a bit rude (or very rude). Combination of heavy cold, tiredness and hunting the elusive gets me angry. Cheers.

  PaulB2005 23:19 22 Feb 2007

Oh and I'll be using trusty ATI 10 before i attempt any of the instructions!!

  anskyber 23:30 22 Feb 2007

Rude! No, you were just clear with your answer. Get well soon!

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