System crash

  hiwatt 16:41 12 Aug 2007

Hi folks,while using the computer it froze and the mouse wouldn't move and it wouldn't shut down and to get it back I had to switch it off from the tower.When it restarted it told me that windows had not shut down properly and asked if I wanted windows to start normaly and I chose yes.It took a long time to start up and when it did all my settings have changed,my screensaver has gone and some icons are missing from the desktop and when I go into my documents my downloads(music)have dissapeared?To top it all system restore is showing there are no restore points?Can anyone help me here please?Thanks.

  Kate B 16:45 12 Aug 2007

Done scans with all the usual anti-malware apps? That's always the first place to start when something like that happens.

  hiwatt 17:03 12 Aug 2007

I'm sure it's something to do with windows.I've just noticed that every time I restart the computer I'm prompted with a message saying "your user profile has not loaded properly you have temporary privilages" or something like that?

  hiwatt 17:11 12 Aug 2007

What it actually saya is "your user profile has not loaded properly you have been logged on with a temporary profile"Also the IE icon has vanished from the desktop and my bookmarks have gone too.Is there a way I can get it back yo the way it used to look?Thanks.

  hiwatt 09:58 13 Aug 2007

Hi folks,It's now not letting me log on.When I enter my password at logon after a couple of seconds it says logging off and off it goes.I was able to start in safe mode and all the folders are where they should be.I created another account and it lets me log in to that but with all my folders gone.Plus all the programs on the computer (ccleaner etc)wont run saying program crash?Can anyone help me here please?Thanks.

  jaseel 06:28 23 Nov 2007

Earlier today I experienced the exact same problem that you described and I have not figured out how to fix it. Did you ever get this problem resolved.

  Mike10C 08:13 23 Nov 2007

Sounds familiar to me too. I have a dual boot set up with XP. I dont use XP much as I then lose my Vista restore points. 3 weeks ago Vista crashed and I also could not do anything. Especially I could not get into system restore. So I ran a Vista repair by starting up, and once the computer was running I put in my Vista disc. It then ran a re-install of Vista over my original set up. When it loaded all my folders/files etc were intact.The dual boot set up also was not affected.
I recall this repair process was described in this forum some months ago.
This worked for me, but my problem was not caused by a virus etc. If you have a virus issue then this process would not work.

  hiwatt 10:18 23 Nov 2007

I never got this problem sorted properly.I created a new user account.This was the only way I could get into windows(from safe mode)and deleted the old one choosing to save all my files.BUT all the files were gone so I had to re download a lot of stuff.System restore wouldn't work for me either.I hope you get it sorted.

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