Symantec vs. Microsoft? I need your opinions.

  vpointcon 01:58 22 Sep 2006

Is anyone paying attention to the way Symantec is speaking about Vista and the problems surrounding security software? Yes? Good, I won't retell the story. So, how many users out there actually use Norton Helps-A-Virus? If you do, and you know a little about your PC, then you've noticed that not only does Norton have access to the kernel, but it needs anywhere from 3 to 10 services running (depending on which Norton you have) to "protect" your PC. i also think you've noticed that you may have had to buy more RAM, or upgrade in someway to account for the decrease in performance you've experienced. You've also probably noticed that it sometimes finds a virus and says- "A virus has been detected, but I can't seem to do anything about it". Or maybe, "A problem has occured, please reinstall me", only to get "failed uninstall, uninstall will now close". Or maybe you had that can't delete message for about a week, and then, finally, on Wednesday sometime, Norton CAN remove the virus. (Norton commonly updates definitions once a week).
Alright, having said all that, I want your opinions. My opinion is that ther Symantec corporatioon should look at their own product, their own problems, and CERTAINLY the way THEY treat THEIR customers before pointing a finger at the very company that helps keep Norton Helps-A-Virus selling. *Whew* Thanks for listening to my rant.

  BurrWalnut 08:23 22 Sep 2006

I'll keep it short. I completely agree with you.

  lisa02 09:00 22 Sep 2006

Add another signature to that.


  Coltch 09:34 22 Sep 2006

Norton AV = biggest resource hog on my old system.

Have to agree with you

  sunny staines 12:34 22 Sep 2006

still line some of norton eg thefirewall.NAV. & Onebutton checkup. Norton is still in dounbt about ruuning in vista saying it might be a future download? I hava a friend running NAV2005 no problems in vista, i will not try it too scared in case it crashes the pc.

  vpointcon 18:45 24 Sep 2006

I knew what the responses would be, thx for the posts. I'll stick with my NOD32 until I can no longer use a computer!!

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