Stuck at Login Authentication

  polymath 18:08 02 Dec 2007

I bought a new Vista Home Premium computer the other day (well, two; desktop and laptop).
I haven't powered up the desktop yet (maybe I'll leave that till I'm less ignorant!) They're both Packard Bell.

I've been trying to start using the laptop. I switched it on for the first time during a call to my ISP. (It was also my first contact with a Windows later than 98SE, or with a touchpad).

Eventually, it reached the login authentication, where I (eventually!) managed to log in with just the password stuff (without fingerprint). When, some time later, I still hadn't got to the point of getting into the settings, I ended the phone call, intending to ring the ISP again, once I'd got to a later stage in the proceedings.

I've tried several times since (using a mouse after the first time!) to log in again; fingerprint box pops up but print not recognised (I'd tried to swipe it that first time, but don't know if it got into Vista or not). I keep unticking the fingerprint option that pops up every time (but I guess I'll be able to deal with that once I can get into Vista).

I remember my password ok, and put in the user name I think I did the first time (It's what the login page greets me as, anyway). Vista automatically fills in the domain name, and the Identity box isn't typeable in. The authentication keeps failing.

It's possible I misspelt the password first off. (I'd better not try different spellings till I know many goes we're allowed!)

The answer might lie in the help files in the computer, so I might find it once I know the answer (anyone remember the song 'There's a Hole in my Bucket?)
I can't access the Start button yet of course.
All the software is preinstalled (no disks), apart from the desktop monitor.

I'm using the trusty 98SE computer for internet access. I have a query about how to connect the new computers to the internet; very ably answered in another thread, but I'm also trying to ask Packard Bell first, in case they can do something even simpler. However, I can't access the Packard Bell website (including its forum), because I'm having a registration problem, so I can't ask them anything yet. I managed to get an email through to them about the registration issue (lost track of which department it was to!), and that ongoing email correspondance will hopefully do the trick eventually.

Meanwhile, is it worth trying the Microsoft website for the login problem? I can't of course register any hardware/software online yet from the new machines (hope there isn't some deadline ticking away!) I ask because I'm on dialup - it takes somewhat longer to try websites!

  tullie 11:04 03 Dec 2007

Hope someone can help you,i havent a clue when you talk about login authorisation,touchpads etc,i just turn mine on and thats it,sorry

  polymath 20:55 06 Dec 2007

A question, but first an update;
I managed to get through to Packard Bell's Tech Team & start a dialogue. They confirmed, at one point, the suggestion from some Helproom Angels of buying a 56k data fax modem for internet access to connect the network port to the phone line (I can't get broadband, & there was no modem port). I've now bought one, ready for when I can use it.

The PB team also recommended reinstalling Vista to clear whatever initial logon mistakes I made, but I haven't done it yet; I'd rather wait till I know what to do at that initial User Login Authentication thing (so I haven't turned on the laptop again yet, or the desktop at all).

The Packard Bell Tech guys have been admirably speedy, friendly and no doubt highly competent, but for some reason the email correspondance reads like a multi-strand short story, complete with cliffhangers, misunderstandings etc. The characters (6 or 7 of them) kept swopping places with each other, and it's hard to keep track of things when you don't know who you've told things to, or who's told you what. and you don't get answers that match your questions. I was asked again and again to type in my serial numbers etc (for both computers) in my emails, and into their website form. Last night, they finally gave me a customer ID number - I don't know why not before.

If lots of people are bombarding them with Vista questions though, I don't blame them if they're not themselves at the moment, and are making the occasional mistake!

Anyway, I hadn't been thinking straight either (I blame organising all those emails in a file, trying to keep track).
I realised last night that the Vista logging-on problem was of course Microsoft's fault, not Packard Bell's, so my next job was to try the Microsoft site. I was going to say this to the Packard Bell people today but, right on cue, an email had arrived from one of them, pointing out that (as I hadn't bought a warranty), from now on they can only help with the hardware side.
So fair play to them, for having a go at the Vista problem when they didn't have to (if the confusion was because they've no experience of Vista yet, they're a wise lot).

So I have only 1 problem remaining for PB; registering my hardware with them. After trying differing answers about how to do it (and whether I'd registered it or not), they gave me a phone number that I had to ring to register it. However, the people at the other end are nothing to do with registering computers with PB (the ball is currently in the PB's court).

Could some kind person help with the following?
It could save a lot of dial-up time trying to find out!
Also, it's been so long since I used a new OS that I can't remember what I had to do. And, though it might be similar to XP's proceedure, I never used XP because of budget constraints, and (living in a remote place) have never seen it used (I'm jumping straight from 98SE).

1) Can anyone tell me what the proceedure is with the initial Vista Login Authentication? Ideally, I'd prefer to bypass that first one if possible, then enable it later, once I can get into Vista. I think there'd be less chance of my making a mess of it again & being back to Square One.
If anyone can tell me that, the following questions are redundant;

2) I presume that I can access the Microsoft Knowledge Base without registering my new Vista there?

3) Can I ask Microsoft, and/or a user forum, a question via the website, before registering Vista?

4) Do new users of Vista have to register with Microsoft/have an advantage if they do?

5) If so, at what point? This saga feels so long already that I'm afraid of missing some deadline.

6) And if so, does it have to be from Vista (which I can't use yet)?

If anyone can help me, I'll dance at their wedding/anniversary/anything!

  polymath 20:56 06 Dec 2007

Sorry - just noticed 'a question' is a bit of a misnomer.

  polymath 21:26 08 Dec 2007

I still haven't had the time to go to the Microsoft site, but probably will tomorrow. If I find the solution there I'll post it here.

  polymath 17:53 12 Dec 2007

I've now learned from the Microsoft site that I can't ask Microsoft a question directly, as my Vista is preinstalled (I can use the MS user forums though).

I can access the non interactive information there, and learned that;
registering Vista is optional but has advantages (I don't know if they're over and above people who bought Vista independantly being able to ask MS questions);
activating it is another kettle of fish, to be done once the computer's up and running, and makes Vista fully useable, and;
it's not possible to bypass Login Authentication the very first time (disabling/enabling it is only possible from within Vista). I think both password & fingerprint are required the first time.

I've posted this problem briefly as 1 or 2 other topics (hopefully with a better title). If the problem's solved anywhere, I'll tick them all resolved.

  polymath 20:56 15 Dec 2007

Problem solved! click here for details in another thread.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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