Static Broadband and Vista

  krisone 13:19 04 Oct 2007

I have been told by tne TelstraClear technicians that Broadband cable, (static broadband) is incompatioable with Vista. Every now and then I loose my IE and then it repairs and comes online again. I have had my Broadband go down for up to 24 Hours at a time but with testing it was a fault,( a short to earth) in the Co-ax cable but thats not the full problem, ever since I upgraded to Vista I have had nothing but problems. I have still got my old CPU with Windows Home XP SP2 but it to won't install updates untill I fix it, but good for playing games offline.Regards from N.Z., the Home of the Rugby World cup winners The Mighty All Blacks, Go All Blacks.Regards Krisone.

  Ashrich 23:17 04 Oct 2007

Are you using , or going to use , a router/wireless router ? What was the basis of their saying it won't work , did they give any reasons ? If you wish to use a static IP address and DNS server on your PC , all you should do is to go into " properties " of your connection in Network and Sharing Centre , double click on IP Protocol v4 and put in the IP address , subnet and default gateway and the DNS server settings for your ISP , instead of having it set to obtains these settings automatically , if using a wired/wireless router the settings are put into the router instead . Static address and subnet that TelstraClear give you into IP address and subnet , gateway the same , Primary DNS server is secondry DNS server is , see if that helps .


  krisone 20:26 16 Oct 2007

Yes, I have from the very beginng manually inputed my gateway, IP, and DNs plus alternative address's,otherwise how would I connect to the internet as I have cable Broadband. The issue seems to have resolved itself as the cable was replaced and the old one found to have had a 'nick' in it and was only just making contact because moisture had caused it to rust and the outside braiding(the earthing wire on the connectors) was nearly completely severed . so when I gave the cable a 'shake' occassionaly the modem would fire up, This was obviously the problem,as everything has been excellent since then,Regards and thankyou for your input.

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