Startup Problem Win7

  herb06 14:58 22 Jul 2010

From time to time when myPC boots it displays just the wallpaper and no icons

I am there stuck at I have to switch off and bootup via Safe Mode

Can anyone suggest what is causing this problem and how to stop it happening

  rdave13 17:08 22 Jul 2010

When this happens, press and hold CTRL key then press and hold SHIFT key then press ESC key. this should bring up task manager.
In task manager click on file, new task (run) and type explorer.exe and click ok. this should bring up your icons and taskbar back.

  rdave13 17:14 22 Jul 2010

If you get an error report then I suggesst running the system file checker; click here
Remember the space between "sfc" and "/".

  BurrWalnut 19:09 22 Jul 2010

This problem can be caused by ‘malware’ but check this registry key first, before running your ‘anti‘ programs.

Check the key by going to the Windows Orb (Start), type regedit, press Enter and in the left pane navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon.

In the right pane, make sure there is a REG_SZ named Shell and it has a value of "explorer.exe" (no quotation marks). If it’s not there, create it by clicking Edit > New > String Value then right-click it and type explorer.exe then restart the computer.

  herb06 19:48 22 Jul 2010

Thanks rdave13 for your help

If I hold CTRL and then hold SHIFT and then press ESC as you suggest, nothing happens

I also tried System File Checker but really could not make use of what it indicated

Perhaps I'm not that well enough into this sort of procedure

Thanks also BurrWalnut

I have carried out your suggestion and find that "explorer.exe" is the value indicated at REG_SZ

  rdave13 19:56 22 Jul 2010

Try a system restore to before the problem; click here

  herb06 20:09 22 Jul 2010

Thanks rdave13

Can't do that, as the problem has been going on too long and I've tried everything to get over it to no avail and theres been many probs anlong the way

  a member 22:36 22 Jul 2010

press ctrl and Alt down together , then whilst holding them down tap the del button this will bring up task manager , click on new task and type explorer.exe as rdave suggested .
I had that problem a year or so ago on a system running Vista ,nothing I did (not even restore) fixed the problem ,then I copied the explorer.exe file from another machine switched that with the existing one and it has not been a problem since , I guess the explorer exe must have been corrupted.
good luck.

  gardener 11:33 23 Jul 2010

I have the same intermittent problem. I occasionally get a message saying 'windows explorer has stopped working, click here to restart explorer' or something along those lines. I've googled the problem and it seems from Vista onwards many people are experiencing it.
I've used chkdisk and it finds no problem with the system files.
As the problem only occurs occasionally I've learned to live with it.

  rdave13 14:18 23 Jul 2010

Try a startup repair; click here

  herb06 12:27 25 Jul 2010

Thanks to everyone who tried to help me with this problem

All is well now, though I am at a lose to decide what brought about the repair

I think it was Merlinx's suggestion re: Ctrl + Alt and Del but nothing was apparant at the time, after switching off and rebooting a few time, I realised that all was well

Again thanks very much for all your help

Stan Herbert

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