Startup does not open on Desktop

  Potchboy 20:02 24 May 2013

I have recently done a Win 7 O/S reinstall. Now,when the computer boots up it opens on Windows Explorer page instead of the Desktop. Can anyone tell me what's going on here? Help please potchboy

  lotvic 11:16 25 May 2013

Here are instructions with screenshots for W7 of what to alter to Fix Windows Explorer Window Opening on Startup

Take notice of Method 5 which is to delete a registry key, you may not think you have IE5 installed but you could be in for a surprise.


  Potchboy 18:00 25 May 2013

Thanks Lotvic. I am delighted because I tried so many different things and nothing worked but that link and the instructions solved the problem. potcboy

  lotvic 19:18 25 May 2013

Thanks for the feedback that it was successful for you, it will help others who have the same problem :)

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