This Startup blocking

  Craig.m 11:52 02 May 2007

I read earlier that others have programmes being blocked from Startup and the options were to suppress the warning in the tray.

I had it blocking a warning that I had changed the startup, which is strange, so I ran the blocked software and up came the warning, ticked the don't warn me again and it will not cuaswe an issue until I next tweak the startup.

The real bugbear is that I have CCleaner on my machine, the startup blocks this too as I have it to run when the machine boots up. Even though it is blocked it works fine through all other means of activating it. How can I tell Vista not to block CCLeaner?


  BurrWalnut 15:13 02 May 2007

Do you really need to run CCleaner at every boot?

It seems unnecessary to me.

  Craig.m 11:44 03 May 2007

I run it due to kids on the PC and they build up a lot of rubbish, I suppose I can do without if it was a problem but am just a bit irked by this startup block doing the blocking and now way to tell it to unblock certain programmes

  Wizards_Sleeve 12:18 03 May 2007

mine blocks messenger for some reason, and no matter how many times i tell it to permit messenger, and it says its permitted, it still comes up with "Windows has blocked some programme blah blah blah"!! annoying!

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