sniperfx20 01:18 21 Jan 2009

Hey, everytime i start my laptop computer the backlight of my computer is off on my login screen [windows vista]. I can make out my little picture and the password just barely. So what i do is tilt the screen towards the bottom and then lift it back up. The screen then turned back on....any idea what might be causing the blackness at startup? Or what i can do to fix/check on this issuue? Thanks!

  User-1229748 02:51 21 Jan 2009

this may be worth a try,click start and type msconfig and hit enter and in the boot tab put a tick in no gui boot.that should give you a different boot screen,if it works do the same and untick the no gui boot if you want to go back to the default screen.its a long shot but worth a try.

  anskyber 10:56 21 Jan 2009

Or, try after you have booted and have things working go to the power options in Control Panel and turn off the features about screen and see if it is a function of that facility.

Some laptop manufacturers also have their own power saving sofware installed ( my Toshiba does) so you might want to see if there is something there also.

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