starting to startup repair

  markal 21:49 30 Dec 2007

Dell inspiron 531 running vista.
After a couple of days use, my nephews new dell pc starts to a startup repair . After running the repair several times the pc finally starts up. I have done a system restore but it didn't work. I am not sure if it is a hardware or software problem. Can anyone help with this problem .

  skidzy 22:12 30 Dec 2007

Are you saying you are greeted with the repair screen ?

If so,couple of things to look at.

Start and type MSCONFIG and enter.
Select BOOT,if NO GUI BOOT has a tick in the box...remove this and ok and restart the pc....does this help ?

Though you may find this route cures the problem;

Again Start and type MSCONFIG and enter , select General and NORMAL STARTUP and ok,restart the computer.

  markal 00:49 31 Dec 2007

Thanks skidzy. Will try tomorrow

  anskyber 11:22 31 Dec 2007

Tell Dell if it's so new.

  skidzy 11:40 31 Dec 2007

Hello mate
I believe we had this problem quite recently and for some reason in MSCONFIG the options for Selective startup and Normal startup get changed,why im not sure.
However chancing from Select Startup to Normal startup cures this.Whether related to this problem,will we see.

Though i do agree,if a new Dell.

  markal 16:16 31 Dec 2007

Thanks for your replies. I tried what you said about msconfig but that was all right. I have contacted dell and he had me to set it back to factory settings. I asked why this had happened and he said it might be an incompatible program that was installed. Why would this have such an affect, I would have thought it would just give a message saying it was incompatible. He told me to check to make sure that all software is compatible with vista. I hate to think I will have to do this every time my nephew mistakenly put incompatible software in vista. I’m staying with XP on my pc.

  skidzy 16:51 31 Dec 2007

Its the scape goat way out...restore to factory settings,lazy Dell rep in my view.

Im sure we could have sorted this and im pretty confident its a setting in MSCONFIG.

Ive had this issue on my Vista machine and also corrected at least one forum member with the same issue.

Yes i do agree its a possible program conflict and my guess is its a realtime startup manager like Winpatrol or even Spybot SD.
I put mine down to Winpatrol.

  markal 17:07 31 Dec 2007

It happened before spybot sd was installed, so it can't be that with me. Winpatrol hasn't been installed so it wouldn't be that either. I told my nephew to install the sofware he had installed one at a time, to see if he can identify the one.

  anskyber 17:33 31 Dec 2007

Yes it is frustrating. Omnipage did it for me, when I upgraded it stopped IE7 working, at all.

markal, introducing one at a time is the best approach, particularly if they are quite old programs. On the whole it's worth having a hard look at the programs before install to see if they are really "drop dead" programs or even if there are vista compliant alternatives which are free. An example my Canon camera software did not function perfectly but Googles free Picasa did the job instead.

  markal 15:58 01 Jan 2008

Resetting to factory setting hasn't fixed the problem. After using it for a few hours on the internet, they switched it off. They then turned the pc on later and the same problem happened again. They never installed any programs, so i wondering if it is a hardware problem.

  skidzy 16:27 01 Jan 2008

After restoring to factory settings,has the machine been updated with the latest MS updates...this by default is auto update though can be changed to manual.

Im thinking since you have internet access it could be a buggy update,there has been a certain update resulting in looping systems.

Can you confirm if the machine has a Antivirus program installed before going online.

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