naineysman 22:30 18 May 2008

Hi, don't use Vista but when my neighbour asked me to fix a problem with her vista system I was shocked to see her system was a celeron processor using only 512mb RAM.

Do vendors not heed microsoft recommendations for system requirements (I suppose not).

I was really surprised to see such a lowly spec'd system for a vista operating system (home basic), its only 1 year old.


  brundle 22:49 18 May 2008

It fits in with the Minimum requirements click here but the average person is unaware that usually makes for a pretty wretched experience.

  Covergirl 12:39 19 May 2008

We got a clean build of XP put on PC's in our company with specs as low as 300Mhz/64B RAM.

They worked for a while until further updates caused them to die . . . horrifically !! Laugh . . .?

Yes, unfortunately Microsoft are always conservative with their minimum requirements - imagine if they put the 'real' minimum - it would warn 80% of people that they needn't buy the software as it wouldn't run on their PC's then MS wouldn't sell any new software.

Not good for business !

  crosstrainer 14:51 20 May 2008

If your friends machine was supplied with that spec and Vista, IMO it should be returned if new.

That spec is going to run like glue, put the user off Vista (it's not that great for XP either)

Minimum 2GB ram for Vista (Many use more)

  crosstrainer 14:56 20 May 2008

Sad but true. Software and Operating Sytems drive the hardware market.

I can remember the good old day's when 4meg of ram and a 1meg graphics card were top spec. (actually I go back further than that, (show's age)

Now look what we have:

This rig I'm sitting at is

AMD Quad core CPU
4GB Ram
Nvidia 8800GTX Graphics
2x 500GB Hdd's (Remember 20meg!)

They say that if air and space travel had progressed as quickly, we would now fly to New York In 15 Minutes and would have colonised other planets by now.

  Covergirl 12:55 21 May 2008

. . . you had a graphics card . . ? ? ? ?

Seriously, I think it would be a good topic for Speakers Corner.

My first works computer was an IBM something with b/w screen and a 360k floppy. Can't remember much else about it but I progressed (via another job) to the ubiquitous Amstrad 1512 (twin 360k floppies, no HDD) and an Amstrad 1640 with a 20MB Hard Disk which eventually failed and we had to buy a WD 30MB Hard Card !

  Covergirl 12:57 21 May 2008

. . . been done click here

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