Speeding up vista

  hiwatt 21:26 03 Jun 2007

Hi folks,is there any tips anyone can give on how to speed up performance other than installing more ram?It's a brand new computer with 766mb of ram but it's so slow compared to my own computer running xp with 256mb of ram.I've disabled UAC,any help is much appreciated.Thanks.

  TalYasis 21:55 03 Jun 2007

worth a read click here.

Last week on one new Asus Vista pc I doubled the ram to 2Gbs and to be honest it did'nt make much visible difference.However,having 1Gb really is the min I feel.

  Jimmy14 22:16 03 Jun 2007

By right clicking on your hard disk drive in Computer and clicking properties then tools then defragment now you can select the Defragmenter to run on a schedule. If you process lots of files each day i suggest you set the schedule to run every day.

Go to the start menu, type msconfig into the start search bar then press enter. If the user account control box appears then click continue, click startup at the top of the system configuration utility. Untick the items that you don't need or want to start up when the computer boots up, this will most probably make it boot up faster. Leave the windows defender and microsoft ones as these are needed.

  anskyber 22:25 03 Jun 2007

2GB RAM will speed things up significantly, if you can install it. A cheaper way is Readyboost.click here

  hiwatt 09:50 04 Jun 2007

Thanks for the help folks.I've already altered the startup in msconfig.The computer is only being used for surfing the net but just seems so slow.I'll need to see about adding more ram to see if this helps.I just find it strange that it's quite a bit slower than mine with xp and 256mb of ram,anyway,thanks folks.

  anskyber 09:55 04 Jun 2007

Yes it will be. The graphics requirements for Vista are high. The general view is 1GB RAM is the working minimum for good fast performance. 256 MB is simply not enough for Vista and only "adequate" for XP.

  anskyber 09:57 04 Jun 2007

These people are good, I have used them in the past for extra RAM, you may know of other suppliers. click here

  TalYasis 10:03 04 Jun 2007

hiwatt you will find this interesting click here

  anskyber 10:29 04 Jun 2007

I think you my find this rather more interesting since it is the Microsoft recommended minimum system requirements for Vista. click here

As you will see your system is underspec.

  Totally-braindead 10:43 04 Jun 2007

If you are using Vista Premium you could disable things like the Aero interface and that should make a considerable difference.

  dth 10:54 04 Jun 2007

TalYasis - Good link.

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