Speculation on Windows 10 - free for W7 and W8 users

  Peter Lanky 14:10 05 Feb 2015

There may not be an answer to this yet, but regarding the announcement that W10 would be free for W7 and W8 users, has anyone heard any definitive information regarding:

1) If W10 is to be free for one year, does this mean that after 12 months, if a user has a need to reinstall W10 due to a computer fault or just to get a clean install, then they would not be able to do so without buying it?

2) How the free W10 would apply to systems with Windows 7/8 pre-installed on either a disk partition or a recovery disk such as is the case with Dell for example.

  wee eddie 17:08 05 Feb 2015

No 1: I have seen that Microsoft have offered W10 free, for the life of the PC it is installed into.

I have no answer to your No: 2

  Peter Lanky 19:20 05 Feb 2015

That's interesting that it will come through updates. That will save me the problem of having to persuade somebody who is a little stuck in the past, that I need to install this over their W7.

Just to clarify the 'you have to install it in that year. After that you will have to pay' comment. This is what is niggling at me. If I install W10 in year 1, am I then classed as a bona fide W10 user, and can then reinstall W10 at will when I fancy a clean install or I buy a new HDD or something similar? How will M$ record that I have carried out the initial update within the permitted 12 months, as my computer will be showing that I am using W7 or W8 once I have installed either from my original Windows CD onto a new HDD or reset a Dell PC to factory settings.

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