moodypants 14:13 27 Jan 2013

how to dp I clear up local disk space

  lotvic 14:42 27 Jan 2013

Do you mean your C: drive is nearly full?

  moodypants 15:06 27 Jan 2013

yes my c; drive my hard drive has loads of space but cant delete of my local disk

  moodypants 15:25 27 Jan 2013

sorry my hard drive is full I have loads of space on my local disk but not sure how to delete from the hard drive to freee it from space

  lotvic 15:25 27 Jan 2013

That does not answer my question.

How big is your C: Local Disk drive in GB's?

How much spare space has it got left?

Is the harddrive in your pc (or is it a laptop?) partitioned? If so what are the partitions (D: E: ?) and how many GB's is each partition?

Is your data (My Documents) folder on the C: local disk

Do you have any other separate internal harddrives? (inside the pc tower)

What is the make and model of your pc/laptop?

Are you getting any messages pop up, if so what do they say?

  lotvic 15:32 27 Jan 2013

Note: you need to refer to harddrives or partitions with their letter, C: D: E: F: etc it is no good just calling them 'local disk' as that just means the drive does not have it's own name.

  moodypants 15:33 27 Jan 2013

local disk space (D:) free 164gb os(c:) hard drive 36.0 free space from 60gb I have a dell inspiron 1545 laptop my documents is on the c: drive I don't have any pop ups coming up on the laptop

  lotvic 15:44 27 Jan 2013

You seem to have plenty of space left if you still have 36GB spare from 60GB on C: however if D: is empty and not used -

You could move your My Documents folder permanently to D: if you wanted to.

and also

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