sp1 fails to download error 80070002

  Helen. 14:20 20 Dec 2008

It goes to 21% of a 51.2 mb download and then gives the error code.

I have stopped the windows update service. deleted the tempory update files and restarted the service according to microsofts work around for the error.

It has failed to load 6 times.

I have downloaded the full 400+mb patch and tried to run it from there but it still fails to load.

Vista home premium OEM with the machine. It did load earlier in the year but I formatted and reinstalled windows a couple of months ago? All other updates from microsoft download and install OK.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

  skidzy 08:45 21 Dec 2008

This maybe your solution helen click here

  Helen. 12:32 22 Dec 2008

I forgot to mention I googled the error and came up with that fix. I had tried that solution but with no success. You see it's not just the windows update that is the problem. Even downloading the full service pack fails to install the fixes. I had considered downloading the 300Mb+ SP2 beta but would like to get this running before I go a beta route.

Has anyone who has encounted this error managed to get a work around?

  VOT Productions 18:49 24 Dec 2008

try by lnstalling all sp1 updates by one-by-one not with an sp1

  rdave13 22:25 24 Dec 2008

I don't think SP2 beta is available unless SP1 installed.
Try this, download the standalone SP1, think you have it already on your desktop? click here .
Disconnect from the internet then disable your firewall, AV and any real-time scanning antispyware and any other running programs.
Install the standalone SP1 and see if it installs successfully. Your security programs should start-up automatically after the final reboot.

  Helen. 13:23 03 Jan 2009

Tried that. No go,


Already been down that route.

Thanks anyway.

  brundle 13:48 03 Jan 2009

Do you have Realtek sound hardware? Had immense problems installing SP1 (download and complete file on CD) on an Acer laptop, removing the old Realtek driver & disabling audio allowed installation, installed most recent audio driver after SP1 was onboard. It got as far as installing but kept crashing before restarting, so not quite like your situation.

  captain paul 15:27 03 Jan 2009

click here

Had the same problem for 3 months, plus had blue screens when using windows update on restarts. Downloaded the system update recovery tool (KB947821) from the link above and SP1 installed! Have not had any blue screens since either. (so far)!

  captain paul 14:40 04 Jan 2009

Oops! that should read "System Update Readiness Tool"! anyway download it and it comes up with an installation bar. this takes a while because it is actually scanning your system and fixing any problems. I then downloaded SP1 straight from windows update without having to clear the data store again and it actually worked! hope it does for you! I dont understand why Microsoft hide this away instead of telling people. I only found it when googling my blue screen error codes. The left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing I suppose!

  Helen. 21:22 07 Jan 2009

No to the realtek sound thingie.

captain paul

I have tried your suggestions but it is still a no go.

The thing is it worked first time around. All other updates work fine.

  Helen. 21:24 07 Jan 2009

had a mac 400mhz with just 256mb of ram and wanted £45 for it. It runs something called 10.4.

I bought it. It's great,fast and it's goodbye to Vista.

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