sp1 brings price reduction

  sunny staines 17:06 29 Feb 2008

click here

if the price drops 30% might be tempted.

  crosstrainer 17:11 29 Feb 2008

"Price cut's will vary from country to country" This is after all rip off Britain.....We will be lucky if we get a tenner off :)

  sunny staines 17:25 29 Feb 2008

you may be right but i will wait and see.

  MaxUpload 18:42 29 Feb 2008

Quoting from the article on PCA front page :

"The company did not flesh out the details - how much prices will drop, or the exact timing."

"In some ways, it's an attempt to remove any barriers that may be dissuading people from buying Vista,"

Rubbish - I run a perfectly serviceable Compaq laptop with 3gig Pentium / a gig and a quarter of ram / 60 gig HDD / 128mb graphics...but it has a


I'll keep my hard earned shillings in my pocket and will not be buying a new laptop just so's I can run Dollar Bill's new OS.

Why try to fix it if it ain't broke.I'll stay with XP thanks , price reduction or not!

  tufti 23:46 01 Mar 2008

Got my Vista OEM a year ago from Amazon for about £72 pounds and been totally delighted with it after the first few problems with drivers.

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