Sow's Ear to Fill Microsoft's Silk Purse

  hawthorn123 06:48 13 Feb 2009

Having foisted the dreadful Windows Vista on a largely unsuspecting public, forcing them to buy higher specified

computers to get less performance than they had with XP, and causing vast costs in time and money with its numerous

hardware and software compatibility problems, Microsoft are hoping that their 'new' Windows 7 OS will get the tills

full of bills when it is released, probably later on this year.

The latest word leaking from Microsoft is that those people buying a new computer with Vista from some time in the

summer will get a free upgrade to Windows 7 when it is released.

Those who already have Vista will have to fork out again - and since Windows 7 is little more than a Vista Service

Pack anyway, some might think this something of a cheek.

Yes, Windows 7 is a major improvement on Vista, but it is only making the worst OS since Windows ME work as it


So a very large number of Microsoft customers will have to pay twice to get a useable OS.


  anskyber 08:16 13 Feb 2009

Still on your campaign I see.

No one needs to change to W7 if they do not want to, it's a personal choice. Stay with XP or Vista I say if you are happy with it. We also do not know the pricing structure yet for upgrades from Vista and XP so lets see shall we.

I and many others like me have had a very good experience with Vista and W7 is based on Vista as you acknowledge so it's funny how one can be a sows ear and the other good. I happen to agree with you that W7 is almost Vista SP2 (or 3).

From what I have seen the noisiest voices have come from small system builders who are fed up with folk complaining that a printer or whatever does not work with Vista. It was always the case and was with XP, not all manufacturers produce updated drivers so I can see why for system builders advising staying with XP is safer......for them.

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