Sony DVD Handycam drive upload video to Vista PC

  MazeM 15:13 12 Jan 2008

I have a DCR-DVD201E handycam which came with ImageMixer software, when I had XP it worked fine and I could upload to my pc. I changed to Vista, the software was no good, I searched for a new driver and found, I paid these people, through paypal, over $60 for a download which was supposed to have been an update for Vista, it was no good, it was Hitachi,I contacted Sony and Pixela who told me that neither Sony or Pixela had an update, maybe January 2008. Pixela also said that was fraudently selling copies of Sony's updates. I had no joy getting a response from either paypal or, I have lost my money and still have no update drive, any suggestions?

  Mamoru 17:06 13 Jan 2008

Pixela is notorious for producing very poor quality software and, then, not supporting the end users of its software. It is unheard of in the software industry to not provide software or a software update compatible with the Windows Vista operating system. They are interested in signing contracts with companies like Sony and Hitachi to bundle their software with their cameras but they do not provide technical support to people like us, when needed, and wash their hands of any problems. Shame on Pixela. I would suggest contacting someone at This company is listed with Sony as a Registered Dealer for replacement parts. I was provided with replacement software from them and the proper technical support. I think you'll find too that updates are available directly from Sony. Check the support site and you can download the updates for free. Sony has had to provide the Vista update themselves, independently from Pixela. Good luck!

  MazeM 12:38 14 Jan 2008

Thanks for your advise, I have already contacted both Sony and Pixela. Sony say they have no immediate plans to market an update drive for Vista. Pixela informed me that a person I contacted at, a Richard Yates, wasn't known and that he was committing fraud selling copies, Pixela said that they didn't have an update, the earliest being late January. The contacts email address is [email protected]
I check on a regular basis to see if the drive is available, without any luck. As a matter of interest I have tried to contact Richard Yates at, by email, on at least two occassions without any luck

  Mamoru 00:09 15 Jan 2008

Interesting comments but you have your facts incorrect. Your Mr. Kent Izawa works for a company called TargetCast Inc. He does not work for Pixela Corporation. TargetCast Inc. runs the website and is an online Reseller of Pixela products. Likewise, the domain “’ is registered to TargetCast Inc. Not Pixela Corporation. The official domain of Pixela Corporation is “” TargetCast Inc. is well known for deceiving consumers into thinking that it is Pixela Corporation. Be warned. In fact it was that was selling illegal copies of ImageMixer software previously. They were told to stop selling the software from Sony, under the consequence of pending legal action. You may also want to strongly consider making such false statements against people. I know the facts revolving around ImageMixer as I’m associated with Sony. Posting such comments could see you facing your own legal acction.

  Tomo_555 00:33 15 Jan 2008

You are correct. Kent Izawa works for TargetCast Inc. He does not work for Pixela Corporation. In fact, it is most likely Mr. Izawa himself posting these slanderous comments on forums about legitimate competitors. He obviously has nothing better to do.

  Tomo_555 01:00 15 Jan 2008

Sony should sue Kent Izawa for slander!

  MazeM 12:08 15 Jan 2008

I note your comments, I will dig out all my correspondence on the matter and re-evaluate. your comments make me wonder who's side you are on. Sony or the customer who suffers

  MazeM 22:35 17 Jan 2008

I am getting nowhere with my quest, nothing to do with your unwelcomed comments about legal action, I am not concerned over that.
I visited Sony website today and found they have produced a driver update for Vista but only certain models, my 201E wasn't on that list, they stated that there will be no update driver produced for this model. I find it very sad that you associate with a company that doesn't care about it's customers. I paid a lot of money for this item and because I changed to Vista it cannot be used to it's full potential. You readily criticised my details of people involved so perhaps you would be good enough to come back to me with an answer or a replacement camera?

  compostwizzard 11:10 06 May 2008

I was interested to see your comments about your experiences with and can sympathise with your exasperation as I am also a victim of their sharp practices.

I have a Sony DVD91E Handycam and tried to purchase the software for windows xp through the above company and also lost my money.

If anyone knows of a trustworthy source to obtain suitable software please let me know. I have contacted the Sony UK distributors who were extremely unhelpful.

  Tomo_555 18:35 24 May 2008 were the only people to help me when I was having trouble with my Sony camera and the software. I tried Sony's support and they were of no help. The person I was talking to just wanted to get off the phone. In the end, I got my software and problem resolved by going directly to the source. The company running is the same company that helped develop the sofwtare and is providing customer support and order fullfillment for Sony. They should be able to help you.

  sinbads 20:34 24 May 2008

I've got a sony DVD91E handycam same problems regarding image mixer, Sony were no help at all. your better off using a suitable converter and windows movie maker.

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