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  Mbube 15:35 29 Aug 2007


I am a keen photographer and I now have thousands of RAWS and JPEGS I normally store these on an external hard drive and also burn them as data onto DVDs. I have always burnt the DVDs using Nero Express on an XP pc, now I have a new pc with Vista and my version of Nero is not compatible with it. Windows DVD Maker that comes with Vista will not burn Data DVDs as far as I can see. I have just looked at Nero 7 on Amazon (which I assume is compatible with Vista) but it gets fairly terrible reviews so I'm not sure I want it. There is also a Nero 8 but it isn't available for another month and if Nero 7 is really so bad will 8 be any better. Can anyone recommend some software for burning data DVDs.

Creating data discs as a way of backing up my photos is my main priority but I would also like to be able to burn videos discs to create slidewhows that I can play on a DVD player. I've done this before with Nero but the picture quality was always awful. I would like to be able to create DVD slideshows with a picture quality as good as if I was viewing the original photos on my pc does anyone know of any software that can do this.

Any Suggestions would be great thanks

  Riojaa 16:20 29 Aug 2007

I think Nero 7 is a good set of programs which will work fairly well with Vista and I have never had any problems when using it with XP.

It's my first choice every time,when comparing with similar programs.

  tullie 16:29 29 Aug 2007

I use Nero 7 with Vista,no probs.

  Fermat's Theorem 16:31 29 Aug 2007

I think you would find ProShow Gold from click here will admirably suit your needs :-)

  Mbube 17:36 29 Aug 2007

Thanks for those suggestions. I like the look of ProShow Gold, I assume if I want it my best bet is just to download it from their website, $69.95 roughly about £35 seems like a reasonable price. My only question is can I use it to burn straight data discs as well as slideshows or will I need another program for that.

I also used to burn occasional music cds and obviously ProShow won't do that. I don't really want to have to buy Nero as well unless I really need to. Whenever I find some highly recommended software either free or to buy it appears to be not for Vista.

  Fermat's Theorem 21:12 30 Aug 2007

but I hadn't spotted that you had come back with another query.

I suggested ProShow Gold to you because of your interest in photography. It burns straight to CDs, DVDs, will create screensavers, will create exe files etc.

It is not, however, a general data-burning program like Nero, Roxio etc. I'm surprised that such software didn't come with your DVD drive.

I have ProShow Gold on my XP Lasptop - haven't tried to port it over to my Vista desktop yet, but I envisage no problems in so doing :-)

  Mbube 23:18 30 Aug 2007

I thought I'd found the perfect solution when I discovered I can burn data discs using WMP11 but it won't accept RAWS. Obviously I can use WMP11 to burn music cds if I want to. So I think I will have to get Nero to backup my photos and any other data to cd/dvd and then I will get ProShow for creating slideshows. I only bought this pc about a month ago from Novatech it came with just the 1 dvd-rw drive and no software other than Vista. It's just a shame Vista doesn't include better burning software, though maybe it would be anti-competitive if they did.

Anyway thanks for the help

  Fermat's Theorem 08:27 31 Aug 2007

that when you generate slide shows etc. in ProShow Gold you are also given the option of saving the original photos used on to the same disc - this means that the individual jpegs etc. can be accessed through Windows Explorer etc.


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