Software CD's treated as Blank RW Cd's

  Arizona Kid 17:12 16 Jun 2007

I am using an Acer Aspire 5670 with Windows Vista.
When I attempt to access either my builtin DVD Disk or an external one that I have tried I can only see the following:

'Files ready to be written to the Disk' and a file called Desktop.ini 174 Bytes configuration settings which I cannot open in notepad to view.

I can stop viewing the desktop.ini files by opting not to view hidden files but I still see the message 'Files ready to be written to the Disk'

I cannot access any of my Cd's or DVD's

The Screen layout contains the following:


Organise Views Burn to Disc -SECOND TOOLBAR MENU

Favourite Links Name Size Type Date modified Location

Drag files to this folder to add them to the disk

Tony Prodger

  Jake_027 22:40 16 Jun 2007

But remember to do a system restore first.

click here


  Arizona Kid 09:04 17 Jun 2007

Hi Jake

many thanks for your input. Sorry I am late replying I gave up yesterday and went to bed to clear the brain.

I'm sure you are in the right area but i'm afraid the 11 steps didn't work.

In device manager my cd roms appear allright. It is only when I look at them by clicking Comuter that I see the Red Circle and cannot read them.

I am going to try running in safe mode and checking what programs are loading. One other thing i may do is to burn a disk and see if that clears it.

Anyway - thanks again


  Arizona Kid 10:01 17 Jun 2007

An Update to my former.

I booted up in SAFE MODE and everything worked. I could see and access my CD Drives. I then decided to boot up normally and try to burn a cd. I was informed that I did not have sufficient rights to format the disk. It appears that I have lost all rights (permissions) to my CD Drives and am at a loss as to how I correct this.

Any Help Please


  Arizona Kid 15:58 17 Jun 2007

Many thanks to all who helped.

The answer was that Acer's Elock program had caused the CD/DVD drives to lock


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