So what is vista good for?!

  wizkid2029 08:40 05 Aug 2007

i was looking through this forum and found alot of problems. what is any good with vista,(apart from that aero 3D thing, hats pretty cool!).
and is decembe the patches come out?

  Pine Man 09:05 05 Aug 2007

I would suggest that Vista is excellent for everything except possibly some games, which are not compatible with Vista (yet).

IMHO Vista is the fastest, most stable platform I have ever had and I have had them all since windows 3.11 and DOS 6.22. (and prior to that Sinclair ZX81, Spectrum and later Amigados)

  Pine Man 09:22 05 Aug 2007

Further to the above.

You looked through the forum and found lots of problems and asked the question "So what is Vista good for?!"

Surely this is the question you should really have asked before you bought your computer, not afterwards ;-)

  tullie 11:19 05 Aug 2007

Vistas fine,its not Microsofts fault if software developers havent kept pace.

  crosstrainer 12:01 05 Aug 2007

Vista is a good os...If you still have an XP setup, it's worth hanging onto, as Pineman states, games are fussy, but driver support is improving daily.

  JYPX 15:29 05 Aug 2007

As someone said in another thread, this debate has been done to death, but you might want to consider what Microsoft have said recently about Vista. In the next year they expect 78% of sales to be Vista.
In other words,in a period where there will be an abundance of Vista ready software and Vista drivers, we are being told that 22% of buyers are going to splash out for a 7 year old operating system.
Truly, truly astonishing.
If you worked for a Ford franchise and 20% of customers looking at the Ford Focus told you they wanted a Ford Escort I think you would be concerned.....

  skidzy 19:48 05 Aug 2007

" So what is vista good for?! "

" i was looking through this forum and found alot of problems. "

So i gather you didnt find any XP problems !

Yes agreed there are a few teething problems,but what os has not had these.
I have had and having one or more issues with Vista,but i expected these and will deal with them accordingly.

We have Vista knockers,but overall i think most are happy with the os.

Things i like about Vista:

The search facility,very quick and goes more in depth.

Snipping Tool,excellent new idea for Vista.

Built in dvd/cd burner software,no need for the third party software for the basic user unlike xp that would only burn to cd.

The Aero feature,adds a bit of spice to the os.

The 3D flip is also handy.

In built two way firewall protecting inbound and outbound threats (needs configuring for some).

Sidebar,again useful tool.

Not to mention the extra security features within Vista,especially for the general home user who knows little about computers.

Overall i think its a good step forward and issues are to be expected.
As the others have said,drivers and software are now updated daily.

Give Vista a year and we will be like XP,still having problems and coming to forums like this for that little bit of help.

  LastChip 00:47 06 Aug 2007

Vista Home - not a lot, XP's better (less restrictive).

Vista Home Premium on a par with XP, but with better security, provided you can stand it and don't turn it off.

Vista Ultimate - forget it, you need to take out a mortgage!

Am I impressed? No; it lasted about three hours on a laptop I bough recently, now it's gone!

  Yogie 15:34 06 Aug 2007

I agree with Skidzy. See it another way, people write to this forum when they have a problem, nobody write how good Vista is only when they like to help people. Switch to the helproom and you can read many complaints about XP. You should ask how many are happy with Vista. I have only Home Premium with all the latesr patches and I am more then happy,so far never had any problem works fantastic is faster then XP and more reliable and I'm not an IT professional, is only my hobby to work on my Laptop.

  tullie 17:11 06 Aug 2007

Whats restrictive about Vista Home?I have it on laptop with no probs.

  LastChip 23:38 06 Aug 2007

click here for an explanation, but if you're happy with it, that's all that matters.

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