Small fonts when printing (vista)

  michiyo 16:40 18 Dec 2007

When i print from a website the text/fonts are so small they are diffficult to read. Note, on the screen they are normal size.
Hope somsbody can help me with this problem.

  anskyber 16:50 18 Dec 2007

If you are using IE7 then choose print preview (the dropdown from the print icon) and adjust the % size there, often it is set to "shrink to fit"

  michiyo 19:53 18 Dec 2007


Thanks for your quick reply to my query, I will give it a try.

  michiyo 11:33 19 Dec 2007

Tried your suggestion, it was "shrink to fit". I changed to 30% and the text was even smaller.
Hope you can come up with another solution. Maybe i'm doing something wrong?
AS a footnote i've just printed this message, it's printed the normal size. I've gone back to try with a web page and it continues to print with small text. Very strange.

  anskyber 16:40 19 Dec 2007

Yes change it to a higher setting like 100% or what ever works though experimentation.

  michiyo 11:31 20 Dec 2007

I'm afraid I'm still struggling. I am on AOL, e-mail print ok it also prints IE home page ok. It seems whenever I print something from the internet the print is small for instance a bank statement
I thank you very much for your help but I think I'm going to have to give up on this problem and live with it.
PS I did try the percentage suggestion.

  jakimo 15:20 20 Dec 2007

follow anyskyber`s instructions and select 90%,if the small box states print pages 1-2 ,then try a lower %,the target being ..print pages 1-1.

  sinbads 14:57 21 Dec 2007

Surely if your printing is too small, then to increase the size you would need to select % greater than 100% ie if you choose 200% then the print would be twice the size.

  michiyo 17:54 21 Dec 2007

With all your help I've cracked it up to a point.
I've set the size at 100% which increases the size when printing but unfortunately unless i repeat that process when I next print it reverts back to the small size. I think i'm going to settle for that. I might add i click alt+s,it doesn't make any difference whether i do or i don't.
Thanks very much your help anskyber,jakimo and sinbads, you have been great.

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