Slow to boot up Vista or faulty new PC?

  john600601 17:47 22 Oct 2007

Hi. I have just bought a brand new Acer SA90 computer with Vista Basic preinstalled. It has a Pentium D Processor 3.0GHZ speed & 512 DDRII Ram. I am unsure if the computer has a problem or if this is common with Vista but this PC takes about 4-7 minutes to boot up (2 mins to close down). I get the desktop after 2 mins but it is not usable until loading is complete which takes an extra 2-3 minutes, even after that it can still be a bit sluggish. After 10 minutes, all works fine, fast, no problems, screen has gone blue once and had to switch off. I am aware most of the new PCs had higher RAM, does anyone know if this sounds likes typical Vista or is there a fault with my PC, obviously there shouldn't be as its brand new but seems odd a brand new PC takes longer to load than my 7 yr old PC which runs Millenium. (PS I have new Anti Virus software which does not affect boot up time). Thanks for reading. John.

  Pine Man 18:31 22 Oct 2007

Ideally you should least 1GB RAM but even with what you have got it should be a lot faster.

I should have a word with your supplier.

  skidzy 20:24 22 Oct 2007

As above from Pineman.

Though many seem to have this issue.

Try stopping the service Superfetch.

Start / and type


and enter.

Now scroll through the services and stop Superfetch,reboot the computer.

If this does not stop the slow response,you can safely re-enable the superfetch service.

You say the new AV does not slow bootup time,if its set to boot with the computer (check MSCONFIG) it will almost certainly have some effect.

  topdude 09:01 23 Oct 2007

Hi, i had similar long boot up problems with my new Acer Aspire.
1, you need at least 1Gb RAM, 2Gb even better.
2, disable Superfetch as above.
3, disable Indexing.
4, look in msconfig\startup and untick anything un necessary except anti virus.
5, remove Norton if you have it installed and use AVG or AVAST instead.
6, also i have found that installing Spybot usefull as it displays the Startup menu as in msconfig but shows loads more items to untick.
All the above speeded up my PC and boot times.

  crosstrainer 11:00 23 Oct 2007

Really isn't enough to run Vista (even basic) I wouldn't dream of selling a machine with less than 2gb in it, nor would I supply Vista basic.

I would advise returning the machine and looking for a better deal!

  nickhick 11:56 23 Oct 2007

I have a brand new Compaq Presario with Vista Home premium and it has a Intel 2 core duo processor and 2GB RAM. I think these are the optimal requirements necessary for speed and performance. Anything less will not work very well and I would return your machine to your supplier and complain about their expertise.

  nickhick 11:59 23 Oct 2007

I meant Intel Core 2 duo!

  john600601 18:35 23 Oct 2007

im the original poster thanks for all your help and advice

  Totally-braindead 23:02 23 Oct 2007

A friend of mine just bought a laptop with Vista Basic and 512mb RAM. Its slow. Very slow to my mind but nothing like the times you are reporting. Perhaps it takes him 2-3 minutes to fully startup. And closedown is perhaps 30 seconds to a minute.

I would take it back if you can as to me it doesn't sound right even with only 512mb memory.

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