Shutting down Virtual XP in Windows 7

  tallboy 08:39 14 Aug 2011

Since the last Microsoft update, my Virtual XP mode has failed to integrate my selection of applications. I get a message saying you can shut it down and try again, but the only function I can achieve with it is to hibernate - which doesn't clear the problem.

I have searched the Microsoft Windows 7 XP Mode Help screens, but that doesn't give a fool-proof way to shut it down. (It suggests CTL+ALT+END - but that doesn't work.)

If you know a way of getting it going again, I would be very grateful!



  T0SH 10:51 14 Aug 2011

I am not sure if it will help in your situation, if you use windows update from XP mode and with a bit luck it requires a restart, then the process would seem to involve a shutdown and restarting of virtual PC

Cheers HC

  T0SH 11:11 14 Aug 2011

There are also other options available from clicking on the Ctrl+Alt+Del in the Virtual PC toolbar you can then choose Shut Down then select it again from the options dropdown

Not very well explained on my part I am afraid but if nothing else it should at least point you in the correct direction

Cheers HC

  tallboy 16:03 14 Aug 2011

Hi Tosh

Many thanks for the suggestions. Another helpful subscriber advised me to 'kill' the process (vpc.exe) from the Processes tab of the Windows 7 Task Master. I did this and it fixed the problem - integrating the apps next time I started it.

Unfortunately Ctrl+Alt+Del didn't bring up the usual window allowing you to use 'Shut Down' to kill it.

I guess something just go stuck!



  T0SH 12:25 04 Sep 2011

Very rubbish explanation on my part

The Ctrl+Alt+Del option appears in the toolbar at the top of the Virtual PC screen as a clickable option

"Action USB Tools Ctrl+Alt+Del"

when you click this you get to a Windows Security screen where "Shut Down" is one of the available options


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