should we say yes?

  Head hurts 12:46 22 Jul 2007

i recently purchased a new pc running vista and am thinking of installing some programmes i used to use on xp 1 of them being crapcleaner. now i have sought advice on this forum in the past and i thank you but i feel quite a few people may forget that a lot like me are average users and not really proficient at meddling with registry etc or even knowing what things do in there. so my question is when i run crap cleaner and it finds errors i always used to say yes to repair/delete but never really knew what was happening i just trusted the software. was i right or wrong to say delete and i have seen advice about system restore but does this put the registry right if something is deleted that should not have been. what do you think?

  anskyber 12:54 22 Jul 2007

I do not use C Cleaner, I use another program. However the key to all of them is to have the right Vista version, in your case click here then using the program make sure you use the system restore back up feature in the (CC) program before cleaning the Registry. Once done any glitches should take you back to the pre cleaned state.

  Head hurts 13:06 22 Jul 2007

thanks for the link i am fairly happy to install it do you use winaso i read on here that it is a good programme but did read somewhere that it is quite aggressive in its checking so do you think for the average user like me that it is best to stay clear of registry cleaners or trust crap cleaner which seems to be well respected in these forums? again it seem to be that many people like yourself who give advice on here are quite proficient and that is why people like me use this site. i and others who seek advice do appreciate anyone who takes the time to respond to our sometimes basic questions.

  anskyber 13:08 22 Jul 2007

I use Reg Mechanic.

  anskyber 13:12 22 Jul 2007

It's a funny thing with Reg cleaners (as opposed to cookie cleaners, temp file cleaners etc)

For a long time I did not use one and was very cautious about them. Some, by all accounts, do seem to have removed things that should not be moved and I settled on RM after reading a number of reviews about performance. I have no personal experience of CC but many here seem to use it with great success. RM is a paid for version so it may not fit your personal needs.

  Head hurts 13:42 22 Jul 2007

thanks again anskyber i have no problems paying for a reg cleaner so long as it is good for people like me does it have a restore feature/back up and has it deleted anything it should not to date. i appreciate each pc is different but its surprises me how we put up with pc's causing problems from the word go i have vista on a new pc with duo core e6300 processor and it runs ok but there are occasional probs that come to light such as ps/2 driver not loading luckily i work with wireless keyboard/mouse and am reluctant to send it back for fear that on return it will be scratched etc and not necessarily much better. had i purchased a new car and it caused these sorts of problems back it would go. as an aside norton seems to get occasionally panned but i ran their windoctor on xp and found it an excellent piece of software instead of deleting everything which many registry cleaners seem to do it always tried to repair first by slightly renaming the offending links in registry,and on one occasion it repaired a dire problem on my laptop, as far as i know its not available for vista.

  jboosh 03:04 23 Jul 2007

I purchased a Compaq Presario c500 laptop computer with Vista installed 2 months ago. My brother bought an apple Macbook. I was wondering if I could run Mac OS X on my laptop. If so please tell me what I would need and how to do it. Email me at [email protected]


  darrenrichie 13:32 26 Jul 2007

I use CCleaner regularly and it does the job. Most of the registry entries it finds are obsolete or unused entries so most of the time they are fine to delete. You should always back up first when it asks you. Unless you experience a problem that could be registry related you won't notice much difference. It cleans rather than solves problems but is good for making sure you free up space on your hard drive. They say if your registry is cleaned it runs better and smoother but i guess you need to have major problems to actually see the difference.
Registry cleaners can be aggressive sometimes. I have used one that interferred with some progs and stopped them working but i guess it is only my experience that i am basing that on.

  powerless 17:23 26 Jul 2007

You can't run Mac OS X on a 'Windows Laptop/PC'. But you can run Windows on a Mac.

  JasonZBell 19:33 05 May 2008

I have always used RegCure with good success. Bought it from here: click here

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