Shared folders - further questions

  sheila.weston 17:33 11 Feb 2009

I have seen click here, but there are a few questions which i don't think it answers.

1)I have the new vista laptop linked to the old Desktop XP machine. The MY DOCUMENTS folder is shared and I am copying my WORD and EXCEL files to this folder.

Am I correct in copying, rather than moving? Are they still linked, or should they be actually *moved*.

If I open a WORD document on the laptop and edit it, is the edited version saved on the desktop? If it is, then if the desktop machine 'broke', the folders would be lost - yes? In other words if I use the laptop for most of my wordprocessing, I must think of the desktop as an external drive -yes?

Is there anyway in which I can save any new work to both machines? I want to retire the desktop eventually and keep it for old files.

More questions to follow!

  sheila.weston 20:43 11 Feb 2009

It *is* OK to delete unused folders in the shared MY DOCUMENTS file, isn't it? I am getting in a huge mess with saving documents I have created on the laptop and find that they aren't going to the shared folder and can't find how to set things up so that they go there automatically.
Thanks for any help.

  peter99co 21:42 11 Feb 2009

If you Move a file it may not be as safe as a copy because if it fails to move properly it is lost. A copy can be named 'copy of' and you still have the orignal.

You can save all your files(documents) as a backup if you use something like this
software. see Replicator
click here

You choose what and where to copy your files.

Just delete the older versions of your backups after a new one is made.

You can only use your Desktop as an external drive if is connected up. You can think of it as an external drive but you must copy files via the shared to pass to other machine.

I send/move/copy to Public on Vista and receive on Shared in the XP. Drag and Drop out of shared/public (Drag and Drop is equal to copy)

Hope some of this helps!

  peter99co 21:44 11 Feb 2009

When you 'Save as' you should use Browse at the same time to choose the destination of the save.

  peter99co 21:56 11 Feb 2009

If a file is copied to Shared/Public and then moved/copied/dragged out of Shared/Public then the Shared/public should leave Empty Folders. I would leave the Empty Folders for later use as they are not taking much space anyway. Unless you want to keep creating new folders when needed.

Are your Laptop and Desktop wired or wireless?

  sheila.weston 17:34 12 Feb 2009

Many thanks. Peter.

The two pcs are connected by a cable. The desktop has teo HDs - c:\ for programs. g:\ for data, and a partitioned secion of c for backups, which someone did for me.

I think that I will save the laptop files on the laptop until I get more used to it - and then possibly copy to the desktop at a later date. On the DESKTOP I seem to have created a folder called Shared folders, which is empty. When left clicked, the top of the window says My Documents The properties show that its location is c:\documents and settings\all users, so I had better not delete it, for the moment.

There is also a folder called Sheila's Documents which contains the word and excel folders which I *thought* were being shared. The location of this file is on my G:\drive. I haven't really used the oroginal (c:\drive)My Documents folder before - I kept the G:\drive for all my data.

ALSO, I have got a folder called My Documents on the G:\drive which seems to be a duplicate of Sheila's documents. I think that this can be deleted after I have made a backup 'in case'.

I have already deleted the My music etc folders, which were empty and as I am finding the laptop windows explorer (vista)very confusing. BUT I also deleted the folder called something like Received. Should I put this back - what is it called?

After I have sorted out the desktop I'll open up the vista machine.

Does this all sound fairly sensible?

  sheila.weston 18:10 12 Feb 2009

Rereading the above, I think that I should end up with just the Sheila's Document folder for sharing. This will show up under the Desktop in windows explorer window, with the location on the G:\drive. Would you agree? Should it be renamed back to My Documents, perhaps? What do you call yours?

I can then keep the (eg) WORD files in this and remove them from G:\ to avoid two files with different data.

  peter99co 20:06 12 Feb 2009

You can find names that have more meaning to you are best. Just leave the original XP or Vista My Documents/Pulic/Shared folder names as they are.

The content of these folders can be sub folders with names to suit Your needs.

On the Karenware Website did you see the folder listing program?

Write a list of all your Folders and where they are (which drive/computer) they are on.This may help to do your housekeeping of the system.

I have folders based on Subject/project/word/pdf/misc etc and within these it is possible to create folders reference date/year

If documents are not used but important enough to save you may consider putting them on CD's and then removing from the drive to reduce clutter.

I have not come across (received) folder but if it was empty just create it if you need it.

You are able to be in a folder and click create new folder to create a sub folder, but do not create to many levels.

My Documents should be a single place where all your sub folders should be kept. Each machine should have it own My Document folder. A Back up of My Documents is then easy. The Back up can be made to wherever you find is sensible.

Individual documents should be dragged into their own folder when finished with. If you are working on a document and it is unfinished it can be left on the desktop until you drag to a folder on completion. It is personal preference at the end of the day.

  peter99co 20:10 12 Feb 2009

It is possible to change the target of My Document to drive G from drive C but you need to ask this as a separate new Question in the Helproom.

This would allow you to click on My Documents and it would go straight to G drive instead of C. It is a simple process but I do not know the detail.

  peter99co 20:13 12 Feb 2009

This is on a new page on the forum

click here

  sheila.weston 20:33 12 Feb 2009

Many thanks for all this. I will have a good session working on it tomorrow. Yes, I have changed the target for the My Documents file OK, which is why Sheila's documents has the location of G:/. That was the easy part! It all went haywire after doing this, as I have never intentionally used the My Documents folder before.

Re karenware: I use handybackup at click here for backups - excellent.

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