seems slow, is it my system?

  [email protected] 13:40 28 Feb 2007

hi, i have got a hp home/ vista home premium dual boot, since i installed vista most my games seem a lot slower, i put a new cpu in today and its lightning fast with ex, and vista, well its like xp was before the cpu upgrade!
have i missed something in my upgrade?
should i give it time for drivers etc to remedy?
use xp?

i have all latest drivers, i have removed nis 2007 and installed avg, latest nv drivers and it seems bloated and sluggish, not while surfing, but if im playing a game and some thing updates, i never had these problems with xp,
any advise for a newbie?
thanks adam
amd athlon 5200x2
2 gb ddr2 533 ram
3x 7200 rpm hdd
vista score
cpu 5.2
ram 5.5
grx 5.9
hdd 5.4

  [email protected] 13:40 28 Feb 2007

seem to have problems typing xp also

  Totally-braindead 14:00 28 Feb 2007

It is my understanding from benchmarks in the latest PCA magazine that there is a slight hit in using Vista in that scores are a bit lower.
Don't have the mag to hand at the moment but it may be that you are experiencing.

  [email protected] 14:18 28 Feb 2007

till this morning my score was 4.2, and its not painfully slow, im just starting to wonder, why exactly im using it, i bought it because i thought i would have to someday, but i cant see anything on vista that i would miss, so why does it seem to use so much resources, for little or no advantage?

  [email protected] 23:45 28 Feb 2007

having mentioned my problems to colleagues, it seems im not alone, will tick this as resolved and got back to xp

  Jimmy14 23:59 28 Feb 2007

When I started using Vista a few weeks back I used it in a dual boot with XP Home Edition. Now I have removed XP and prefer Vista. It is very fast on my laptop and I have updated everything on it from drivers, program updates and windows updates. I done the same on xp and have ran both operating systems flawlessly. The specification of my laptop is no power machine but is fairly good.

  [email protected] 00:30 01 Mar 2007

thanks jimmy, i just dont see the point of upgrading my machine to make it faster, then paying over £200 to make it slower, i will keep vista on sytem, as i would like to get used to it, i dont really know what i was expecting from it, i guess all my programs were written for xp, and as programs are written for vista things will change. but havnt m/s just extended support for xp and isnt vienna meant to be out in 2/3 years?
i suppose thats why im enjoying my pc, evrythings out of date before you've fitted it! always something to change, of all the bits i have upgraded/ changed, vista is the only dissapointment so far, maybe that will change, or maybe its just not the best o/s for my use of the pc.
thanks for reply

  Jimmy14 16:05 01 Mar 2007

"evrythings out of date before you've fitted it!"

You're definitely right there. I bought a laptop in December 2005 and it was very good spec with Centrino, January 2006 came and centrino dual core came out:)) Bit disappointed. Maybe next time I buy one it will have core 2 duo mobile or whatevers there:))

  pk46 16:37 01 Mar 2007

Have you used a registry cleaner?? sounds like yours could do with a clean up.

  [email protected] 17:38 01 Mar 2007

it was a clean 2 day old refresh install after reg mech6 messed it up, thanks for advice, have gone back to xp

  007al 19:52 01 Mar 2007

Dont know if the AMD Dual-Core Optimizer works on Vista,but it sorted out the problem for games in XP.
click here if you havent tried it

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