Second Hard Drive Not Being Recognised

  kwil2 22:13 18 Jul 2011

Hi... I'm a complete newbie on Windows 7, having been a diehard XP user. I'm actually fielding this question from my XP computer. However, I now have a new computer running [b]Win7 Home Premium (64-bit)[/b]. Currently, it's completely 'clean', no other software installed bar Win7. I haven't even connected it to the web yet! Here's my query: There are two 500Gb hard drives installed. However, when I click on 'Computer', all I see is notification of ONE drive only: 'Hard Disk Drives (1) Local Disk C: 436Gb free of 465Gb When I go into Device Manager, both drives are there. I found my way into Disk Management: Start>Diskmgmnt.msc What I then see is: [b]Disk 0[/b]: Basic 465Gb Online (at left) [b]Disk 1[/b]: Basic 465Gb NTFS Online & to its right, 'C' 465 Gb NTFS - Healthy (Boot, Page Dump, Crash Dump, Primary Partition)

To the right of [b]'Disc 0'[/b] are what appear to be two partitions: 1. [b]System Reserved[/b]: 100MB NTFS Healthy (System,Active, Primary Partition) 2. 465 Gb Unallocated

When I right-click 'System Reserved', I have the option: 'Change Drive Letter & Paths'. I don't have that option if I click '465Gb Unallocated' If I give 'System Reserved' a letter, will this then designate my 'missing' drive accordingly? If I then click 'Computer' will it show 'Hard Drive (1) and 'Hard Drive (2)? All I want to do is 'see and access’ the second drive and be able to add files etc to it whenever I want. Just the way I can with XP.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated

Many thanks

  mgmcc 22:56 18 Jul 2011

DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES to the System Reserved partition, which is the "Active" partition Windows 7 is booting from. It does not have a drive letter.

From what you say, it appears that Windows is booting from one hard drive but has the operating system on the other.

The "Unallocated Space" on Disk 0 doesn't appear as a drive available to you because it hasn't been partitioned, given a drive letter and formatted. If you right click the Unallocated Space in Disk Management is there an option to create a partition?

  Number six 23:01 18 Jul 2011

Do not interfere with the 100MB system partition. This is a stub partition and cannot be assigned a drive letter. It contains boot manager information and bitlocker compression files. Right-click on the unallocated partition, select "New simple volume", assign maximum space, then a drive letter. Close disk manager and you should then be able to see it in "Computer"

  Number six 23:02 18 Jul 2011


You beat me to it!

  kwil2 02:58 20 Jul 2011

Hi...many thanks to you all for taking time to reply. Followed your advice and all worked well. Now showing 'Hard Drives (2): Local C: + my new 'missing'one. I found out late today, the shop technician who built the system forgot to initialise the second drive! So many thanks again for saving me hassle!


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