This search bar always show up

  JeffStar 08:15 19 Dec 2011

When open a tab, it always shows up, that is Resultoffer name, how to wipe it?

  KRONOS the First 09:35 19 Dec 2011

Try add and remove.

  difarn 12:16 19 Dec 2011

Searches seem to intimate that this is a fake search engine - quote from one of the searches:-

"Resultoffer is a fake search engine promoted by a so-called browser toolbar that’s actually a badware trojan. So, to make the long story short, if your browser keeps sending you to this domain, you have an infection on your PC.

  Ibanez2010 13:15 19 Dec 2011

Therefore, try to uninstall it from control panel and then run a full up to date virus scan. Also run malwarebytes antimalware and superantispyware. Both are very good anti-malware scanners.

  slatwater 16:01 22 Dec 2011

correct, resultoffer is not a good search bar, it hints trojan on computer, you'd better rid of it quickly

  john bunyan 22:23 22 Dec 2011

If you have it run Superantispyware (free) If you do not have it here is a link:

Alternatively Malawarebytes; if there is a trojan one of these should remove it.

  cathyacur 07:55 23 Dec 2011

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  john bunyan 08:27 23 Dec 2011


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