Scrolling has a one or two second delay

  dolphinaber 21:53 18 Jul 2009

Can somebody please tell me why everything has slowed suddenly down. As an example when I try to scroll down to read an email I have to wait for it to move and keep trying to drag it down which eventually gets there.

  rdave13 00:23 19 Jul 2009

If it has a 'wavey' effect then your graphics card drivers need updating.
If it only affects some sites and you are using XP then it's the site you visit that have upgraded to Vista or Windows7e servers so you won't be able to do much about it.
If you have a desktop PC and this affects all sites then your graphics card (or 'onboard') is the problem. It's running on Windows generic drivers for some reason.

  dolphinaber 10:09 19 Jul 2009

Thanks Dave, I have a Medion 8833 about a year old with Vista and Im with AOL..
If you can tell me what I should do next much appreciated.

  rdave13 12:50 19 Jul 2009

Thinking along the lines that you might have had an update for your graphics and either not installed properly or not compatible. Not on Vista at the moment but if you click start and type device manager in the start search box it will bring it up. Troubleshooting with device manager; click here
With info from device manager try Medion UK support to see what they suggest; click here

  chub_tor 16:51 20 Jul 2009

If most of the actions on your PC have slowed down it sounds as if the processor is busy trying to do something else. This forum answer click here contains some good advice from FruitBat (about half way down) on how to clean up a PC which will help speed up its operation.

  dolphinaber 21:53 24 Jul 2009

Thanks for all your answers. I cheated a bit and went to system restore and heypresto it did the trick.
Will use advice from FruitBat to clean it up.

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