Screensaver lost

  Petminder 16:02 09 Jul 2007

Recently the screensaver has stopped working. The settings are all OK and it previews OK in the dialogue box, but when I leave the computer nothing happens. It did work when I first had the computer, and have since loaded quite a few programms. I tried Restore but it did not work and came up with "an unspecified error"

  anskyber 16:52 09 Jul 2007

Have recently bought a wireless mouse or keyboard?

  Petminder 19:47 09 Jul 2007

Yes, I have recently installed a MS Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 Keyboard & Mouse.

  anskyber 20:32 09 Jul 2007

Which often is the answer to your problem. The signal from mouse or keyboard keeps the PC "awake" and therefore disables the screensaver.

Use a wired version to test if it's your issue.

  anskyber 20:37 09 Jul 2007

If it is you might want to try this. click here

  skidzy 22:02 09 Jul 2007

Thanks for the tip (wireless mouse) one of my lappies has the same problem with its screensaver,will try this out in due course.

Thanks again anskyber.

  Petminder 10:21 10 Jul 2007

Thanks for the tip I went to Microsoft site and downloaded the optional update -"HID Non User Input Data Filter and it has resolved the issue.
Many thanks

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