Screen goes blank, I mean off! Laptop

  Awshum 22:34 04 Dec 2009

HP laptop running W7 Home Premium.

Two days old, with first proper usage yesterday, all the MS updates came at me and I installed them. Upon power up today I got to the point of starting windows and then the screen goes off.

Hitting keys, like the windows key allowed functions, well it made the sounds of loading etc.

I fixed by a restore to factory and not allow the updates.

It's definately an MS update that did this! I haven't accepted any thus far and the laptop is working perfectly, in fact I'm using it to write this.

Only I hadn't been on any sites, or downloaded anything off the Internet, just spent time activating the 60day trial of Norton and registering various OEM programs already loaded.

  Awshum 22:35 04 Dec 2009

Only could be an MS update as I hadn't.....

  rdave13 23:32 04 Dec 2009

Activating 60 day trial of Norton says it all.

"Only could be an MS update as I hadn't.....
Start again to factory settings.
When the laptop boots to desktop then go to start, control panel and uninstall Norton.
Uninstall any other bumf shown on desktop.
Reboot and make sure W7 firewall running.
Never click on any desktop icons on first boot-up with popular computer makers. Makes it difficult to remove integrated crap.
Now you've removed the 'forced selling' bumf, illegal with door to door selling by the way, then install Microsoft security essentials until you work out what you need.

  rdave13 23:43 04 Dec 2009

Forgot the link; click here

  Awshum 21:25 06 Dec 2009

It's definately not Norton.

I haven't experienced the issue since I recovered the laptop (and since re-accepted the windows updates) but I'm now experiencing a slight flicker on the backlight. Not much just maybe up a notch and then down again in brightness as I scroll web pages, this is the only place I notice it.

I've got a £500 hp lemon laptop. Grrrr.

I've searched and it's apparently a common complaint with HP machines running off the battery.

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