screen freezing

  hiwatt 18:52 05 Jun 2007

Hi folks,3 times in the last few days when I've been on the net(once on this forum)the computer has frozen,the mouse won't move or nothing and I have to switch the power off manually at the computer.Does anyone know what might be causing this?Thanks.

  anskyber 19:02 05 Jun 2007

Can you confirm which version of Vista you have? Is it Home Premium?

  hiwatt 20:03 05 Jun 2007

Yes it's home premium.Packard bell,amd athlon 64 3800+ 2.40GHz 766mb ram.

  anskyber 20:26 05 Jun 2007

Yes I thought it might be.

This goes back to your earlier post about the speed of your machine. I can only repeat the advice I gave then, your machine is underspec for Home Premium. The minimum system requirements click here make it clear you should have at least 1GB of RAM and in addition a graphics card with its own dedicated RAM of at least 128MB.

Your RAM seems odd and it suggests to me you may not have a graphics card which meets the minimum needs and therefore graphics could be using some of your main system RAM. On the assumption you may have more than one process open at the time of freeze the finger points to an underspec machine.

Have a look in Task Manager (right click on the toolbar and select Task Manager and choose the Performance tab) it should tell you how much in % terms of your RAM and CPU you are using.

  hiwatt 10:18 06 Jun 2007

It's only using between 3% and 8% cpu when this is happening.Regarding the ram,when the computer was bought it was advertised as having 1gb of ram but when I go into my computer it's showing as only 766mb?Thanks.

  hiwatt 10:22 06 Jun 2007
  anskyber 11:00 06 Jun 2007

Thanks for the link. There will be others here who can help you more than me but looking at the "specification" tab of the link I note the graphics RAM is stated as "up to 384MB"

I think the 6100 series graphics is an integrated graphics function on the chipset which has a more modest dedicated graphics RAM but "borrows" RAM from the system RAM to top up for graphics purposes, if that makes sense, hence the "up to" reference.

Going back to the performance tab info in Task Manager, what did it say for "memory" particularly in the box headed "Physical Memory" and bottom right "Physical Memory % ?

  anskyber 11:06 06 Jun 2007

I should add at the moment I am simply trying to rule out the idea of your machines spec as the problem given the minimum requirements set by Microsoft. There could be other causes of screen freeze including obviously the number of applications you have running at any one time.

  [email protected] 11:10 06 Jun 2007

the pc is well over the min specs on my vista home premium case and a touch under recommended specs, i agree ram would speed things up, but your spec should not cause freezes. is the pc under warrenty?
min specs btw
800 mhz cpu
512 mb ram
20 gb hdd with 15 gb of free space
support for super vga graphics
cd rom drive

you have 1 gb of ram but your onboard graphics use the ram, where as a card will have its own memory, thus freeing up your ram.
check the case is free from dust and all the fans working, your pc runs quite cool, i know because i have one which i have upgraded, so if it's overheating i would first take a can of air to the cpu heatsink, and check the fan is spinning, also the rear case fan. (stat it up with the side off)

runs all your av programs fully

run click here

and post back

  hiwatt 12:21 06 Jun 2007

Thanks folks.The computer is only 4 weeks old so I can't imagine there being much dust in the case,I'll check however.I've ran my antivirus and anti spyware and they found nothing.Any ideas why it's only showing as 766mb of ram?

  Kate B 12:40 06 Jun 2007

Because it shares its ram with the graphics - the rest is being used by the graphics sub-system. Put a graphics card with a minimum of 128mb of its own ram in the machine: it will help.

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